Should The Muslim Faith Be Blamed For The Cologne, Germany New Year’s Sex Attacks?

On New Year’s Eve, in Cologne, Germany, as many as 1,000 men “of Arab or North African origin” participated in what appeared to be coordinated attacks on German women. In this video Water discusses whether or not the Muslim faith should be blamed for these attacks.

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  • Trish Lahey

    Look, it is no secret that extreme Muslims think they can rape and murder
    anyone who does not go along with their way 100%, this includes but is not
    limited to all women who are not covered up to the eyeballs in a scary
    black sheet. I have never known a culture that hates women as much as these
    extreme groups, and I can only conclude that like the KKK they are straight
    from the bowels of Hell and will one day return there, unless they repent
    and find Christ. These people think they are killing others, when it is
    themselves they are killing, permanently. They will be thrown out with the
    tares and burned up in the fire that destroys souls.

  • Plutot Crever

    I think that you are smart enough to see throught you own reverse
    engineered bullshit to finally equate and include all men and all faith
    into this. And see you slide over Sweden made me cringe.

  • Ben A


    Here in the United States, blacks commit an overwhelming majority of
    violent assaults, followed by Latino immigrants in economically
    disadvantaged sectors throughout the United States.

    Most is attributed to gang violence. *Nearly all of these criminals
    identify with Catholicism, Christianity or one of its derivatives…*

    *YET* you never hear about the religious identity of these criminals when
    arrested or questioned by police. I’m being facetious but if a Muslim
    drives down the wrong way on a street, the newspapers arbitrarily report
    his faith…

    You sir, know little about Islam. Most of the major cities in Canada are
    saturated with Muslims belonging to a multitude of different ethnicities.
    Same thing in the United States…

    99% are law-abiding citizens. You never hear about them. Your total
    interaction with them is maybe seeing hijabis or bearded men in traditional
    clothing. Their children are usually well disciplined, culturally
    integrated, and go on to be college educated, highly functioning members of

    I’m very disappointed in you. It is absolutely asinine to ascribe a
    religion of nearly 1.8 billion people to statistically insignificant

    Hopefully, you use better judgement next time and not get drawn into the
    fringe, anti-islamic vogue that has successfully infected the “truther”
    community. I would think that you would be well versed enough in elitist/
    Zionist tactics of fomenting division amongst any and all organized

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