The Hidden Messages In Converse SJW Ad Will Freak You Out!

The Woman Who Lived In a Shoe
“Modern day nursery rhymes for women who own their stories.”

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  • Connie Criscitello

    I don’t know why all these big corps are trying to appeal to feminists, progressives and liberals….these groups HATE BUSINESS….they want socialism. Does NIKE want socialism? A pair of NIKE’s in every closet?

  • Colt Magnus

    Converse hates black people. It’s telling black women not to have a man but it doesn’t say not to have children. Talk about keeping black people fatherless. I buy a pair of cons about every 18 months, because they just fall apart. I will never buy another pair now. I’m just tired of supporting evil corps.

  • Mary Lamb

    Gobbels was commenting on what the Allies were saying. Truth was on the Axes side…don’t believe me? Look honestly around you.

  • Trevis kerr

    as im watching video ad for mercedes amg comes on and guess what its message was almost identical to converse ad “poor opressed women”

  • Jack Hole

    There was a young woman who lived in a shoe,
    She didn’t have time to be told what to do,
    She travelled the world, acted like a total slut,
    Disregarded the warnings, got raped and had her throat cut.

  • icutrauma1 RS6

    Hey ladies, wearing pants? That’s original, men started that. But congratulations on your superior intelligence to join the sheeple and do what corporations tell you what to do. Interesting that one of your first “great ideas” to be independent and have “no man tell me what it be” was to start smoking. Enjoy your travels to lung cancer. YOU GO GRRRRRRLLL…

  • hifijohnny

    Has anyone else noticed the black and white tile floor underneath the tower where a wedding is taking place? Every Freemason lodge in America has this black and white tile that symbolizes the As above, so below theology that Freemasons subscribe to.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    There once was a hair hat who lived in a shoe, told she was the greatest by a gay thieving Jew.
    Take this virtue signalling cuckery and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • C N

    You guys really glossed over the most important symbolic image in this entire commercial. The man is down on his knee, proposing to the woman that he loves in exactly the way that women have made clear they want a man to propose. Her response is not to respectfully decline, but to put her hand up and say “fuck off, you’re not worth my time.” This is an absolutely appalling image… and yet she is the “strong confident woman” that they are trying to promote. It is sending the message that the guy shouldn’t propose… or at least shouldn’t do it in any kind of chivalrous way… and of course, the guy who does this will get skewered by the woman for either doing it wrong, or not doing it at all!

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