Court Orders Christian To Pay $55,000 To Trans Politician For Calling Him “BIOLOGICAL MALE”

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A Vancouver human-rights tribunal has ruled there’s no room for public debate about whether transgender people are who they say they are. The court ruled for transgender activist “Morgane” Oger, born Ronan Oger, and against Christian activist Bill Whatcott by declaring it’s discriminatory not to accept transgender people as the gender they claim to be. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains the significance of this case and the precedent that it sets while also pointing out that its not “hateful” to refuse to pander to the delusion of a trans person because the truth is important to maintain.


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CHRISTIAN Charged With HATE CRIME Plus $104 MILLION Suit Via The LGBTQ Community!

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  • Aaron Bradshaw

    But the article refers to Ogre as a male. “…his “dignity, feelings and self respect””. Is Oger going to sue Lifesite as well?

  • STEREO Freq

    “Any man who must appeal to the law against his fellow man, is either a fool or coward. Any man who cannot take care of himself without that law, is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, ‘If I die, you are forgiven. If I live, I will kill you.’ Such is the rule of honor.” -Randy Blythe – L.O.G.


    Just look up the Canadian Bar Assoc. SOGIC (Sexual Orientation and Gender identity Conference) Awards – “Hero & Ally” Awards given to freaks and enablers, for decades!! GOD DAMN LAWYERS!!

  • STEREO Freq

    Everyone in Canada should identify as “moral sexuals” and insist that it’s gender discrimination to fuck with you or your money through their ideologies of moral relativism, especially over people’s feelings.

  • Norris Barens

    The BC Human Rights Tribunal that heard the case did not have the jurisdiction to hear the case just lookup the definition of the word person in the Human rights code. “Person””person” includes an employer, an employment agency, an
    employers’ organization, an occupational association and a trade union; This definition does not include a “Human Being”. This case should be challenged.

  • all good

    How long will it be before Justin the fraud is voted out of office ?
    This is absolute insanity .
    There is no way Canadians can be ok with this nonsensical drivel .

  • jeff cantley

    So why can’t the guy file a countersuit saying that he is upset that he can’t call him a man because that’s the way he feels that he should be addressed because that’s the way he sees him as a man so he can file a countersuit saying that he’s just as upset if not more because the man is confusing him by switching his gender so he feels like he’s going crazy so he gets a countersuit because his feelings are hurt also.

    Lord this world is a mess mess mess so what’s next somebody going to sue somebody because of a comment they made on YouTube?

  • Tae Tae

    Oh the times they are a changing, your sons and your daughters are beyond your command….these old roads are rapidly aging…😔

  • Derek Lemelin

    My wife and I had an ultrasound last night. The nurse asked if we going to find out if it was a boy or girl. I laughed and thought that statement could get you fired! How insensitive she was to my future Theybie. 🙂 Such a messed up country Canada has become.

  • Barney Fife

    Please tell me when the Canadian people are going to rise up against this tyranny!! It’s enough already and it is going far beyond what you all should have to endure. Come on people; say NO MORE!!

  • Nelson E. Alvarez

    Just clear signs that we indeed are living in the end times. Jesus will be here to save us soon from this insanity!

  • Daniel

    I am surrounded, in Montreal, by Trudeau’s supporters. You cannot open your mouth and say something outside of the line. The school of my son is packed with teachers who are pushing all day long the liberal doctrine. And everyone seems to enjoy this. Is it something wrong with me because I really don’t understand this view. I believe this is sick guys, need to be stopped. I lived in a country where I saw 20 years of communism in his prime. Moving to Canada was my life’s dream but start to turn into a nightmare.

  • james brokeassgarage

    If anyone is paying attention to what’s going on in the U.K. with another protected group, you might want to get your popcorn ready cause its going to happen here as well

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