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Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy vows to Make Toronto Safe Again if elected mayor of Toronto in the upcoming election. This outspoken critic of the liberal governments immigration policy has drawn criticism from the far left for being so called “Islamaphobic” which we at PFT have debunked as a non sensical term because it implies an irrational fear of something but the fact is there is nothing irrational about having concerns with a culture and religion that is at odds with our fundamental rights and values here in the west. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Faith Goldy about her campaign to become the next mayor of Toronto as well as the current state of “free speech” in Canada.

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  • Paul N

    All local mainstream media will not give her a second of attention. I thought monopolies were illegal? You have to ask yourselves who is pulling the strings to shut down any promotions good or bad of Faith. Instead the media paints this as a race between two “yes” people. It’s insane we accept this.

  • klaus schmidt

    Canadians should be careful when it comes to following false prophets. They come as saviors but wind up becoming snakes.
    Most Canadians do not even truly know who they are and what they need. Yet are so desperate for truth and leadership they follow anyone. Who comes forth and says they are the light.
    Be very Careful when it comes to Faith Goldy and Maxime Bernier.
    The puppetmasters have played this well. Influencing the people to put Trudeau and Wynne in office. Has created a country that has completely shifted to one side. It takes another dishonest and narcissistic leader to shift us back.
    If Canadians are not careful they will lose this nation. It is still salvageable, yet we become fixated. By lies and propaganda that gives us little alternative. Just more of the same.
    If you care about Canada you will search out true leaders. You will seek true voices.

  • Photonia Phive

    LoveTruth <>In order to OVERCOME these Evil Powers ~~YOU WILL NEED THIS~~~~~~Revelation Of Jesus Christ ~~Rev12:11???

  • Jake JDS

    Faith, been through the 60s, 70s, 80s’ 90’s and the 2000”s …a slow but terrifying migration DOWN far from our skilled workforce who built the Avro Arrow, Canada arm and 1000’s of other contributions to Canada and the world. When was the last time Trudeau talked about
    new breakthroughs, in science, innovation and making Canda the diamond that it is.

    By the way refugees ( I mean the real ones ) should be inserted in the right place in the Canadian territory of Canada. No more of this ( HOBO) style sloughing from welfare office to welfare office. Also — How about learning French and English. How about learning our history f you fail these course >> bingo out you go. >> Jake

  • luna univers

    Good shot faith..send them all illegal S migrant to Justine Trudeau house…we Will make the same things in the Quebec And Trudeau Will be so HAPPY to live with all this E wonderfull cultures

  • luna univers

    Its a multi-ghetto- ralism Bill shit…the Quebec denonce that since 1982 And all canadian shit on us à part when we do référendum bad They come here to say how They love us..later They ignored us ,like usaly …

  • luna univers

    The canadistan Will never change…its too late And all party in Canada are almost like the liberal And Trudeau,..your last chance its to come to the Quebec to Help us to separated the Quebec And make a country ,like us,for us with two official langage..if not you not Will live in piece for long

  • Photonia Phive

    ??Today Do a Good Work of Compassion Today’s ~Pennies~4~Progress ~Invest in a Vet @VetsCannabisGrp.$5?Please Do Support Clinic Cannabis Trials With Veterans in the VA Federal System, To move Cannabis from Schedule One to Schedule 3 A Research Classification for such research to Grow and Bloom Results<>Please $UPPORT$<>???????? Mission of Mercy? TIMEISNOW?VetsCannabisAdvocacyGroup. Com

  • luna univers

    Fin Trump fall before that Trudeau as gone,the Canada Will have a real migration invasion from the south…And it could happen..very fast…we just have 64000 militaire for all Canada…And Trudeau Will not use it to défend our border….

  • MrANTIeggman

    Isn’t faith I goldy like… Kind of a shill?
    I’m confused… Has she become a martyr or something, or is this just satire

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