MASSIVE Canadian Deficit Hits Dangerous Level! – EPIC Crash Is Imminent!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the Canadian Federal Deficit which has reached $5.9 billion half way through the fiscal year.
As John goes into, Canada’s private debt to GDP has reached 266.89% in 2016 (the 2017 numbers are yet to be released and are likely to be much higher). The Canadian private debt to GDP is the highest in the world according to Trading Economics.
Currently, Canada’s consumer credit is third in the world at 594,551 CAD Million.
This system HAS to come down. The fundamentals are off the table due to the level of manipulation in both the monetary system and the markets. We know it’s going to happen we just cannot call the crash by the day or even month. The markets and economy in Canada are incredibly unsustainable. This is why people need to prepare themselves.
While the media continues to make claims that the markets and economy are doing better under Trudeau, the truth is the dollar appears to be climbing compared to an even further devaluing US dollar. The markets are overheated and the debt accumilation is astronomical.
From housing markets in Vancouver and Toronto to vast fiat printing at the Bank of Canada, a pension crisis, a stock market crisis and a tiny labor force participation rate, when this comes down alongside global economies and markets, it will be like nothing the world has ever seen.
So people need to solve this issue independently because the state and banking system depends on debt. So people should look towards over preparing in the worst case scenario which is certainly better than not being prepared at all. Food, water, shelter, defense, gold, silver, Bitcoin, decentralized assets, all of the above can be crucial to insuring wealth and surviving a crash that will make 2008 and the Great Depression look like nothing.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover these very prevalent issues.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • coolacadien

    Canadian government wants to force us to pay for emissions but enjoy burning air plane fuel to bring thousands of people from other side of the planet. When they’re to stupid to fix the problem in their country.

  • coolacadien

    If I’m force down the ladder, I’ll leave the country instead of being the slave bitch who have to work to feed the rest of the parasites.

  • Margaret OBrien

    You should check out the CEC report from Australia. They cover the same themes from Australian point of view. The themes are the same throughout the western world.

  • Eagle Vision

    Biggest Canadian problem is how naive, stupid, brainwashed that Canadians are. Seriously you can’t have a conservation with them if they are still believing in Santa Claus and think the debt will fix itself. The young man who sold me a phone thinks the Federal Reserve is a conspiracy theory. Grown men adopt stranger’s kids and raise them for extra cash throwing away the Canadian inheritance of prosperity to go into poorhouse when this all crashes.

  • gary baker

    Hey if you think Canada is in dire straits, then count your lucky stars that you don’t live in Australia….all western countries are rooted, you can thank the United Snakes of Satan for this predicament

  • Cat in canada

    If we follow the libtard mentality we will see a SIXTY MILL yes thats 60 million influx of foreigners to our country by 2030. That is the libtard mental illness agenda. Abort our own children or just dont have them as we cant afford to, run the debt to oblivion and then get told that instead of keeping and having our OWN children we MUST take massive amounts of foreigners to make up for the shortfall. Wake up canadians please wake up.

  • Canucker

    I only hope that Liberal voters suffer the most …there is Christian ..White genocide ..but why is there no Liberal genocide ? I 100% support the extinction of all liberals …I have 5000 rounds to donate to the cause.

  • Paul Rey

    Everybody is saying the same (fiat money is evil, collapse of economy, how to protect yourself etc, etc..) I want to know what to do to crash this system, how to actively contribute to change it. I don’t want to buy cryptos – since I don’t trust them – I consider them as a ‘ponzi scheme’ as it will maintain the value until next better and cheaper crypto comes up… I don’t want to let government to fix the problem as it will make the problem only worse – I want to get rid of them ! Why you Josh and John don’t organise burning down the FED or the White House or something similar… ??

  • majinhiei7

    Canada will be the North American version of Venezuela. Thank God Bernie Sanders didn’t become president because Socialism doesn’t work.

  • ALPHA Fitter

    The commercials for borrowing money from the value of one’s home are everywhere here in Toronto. On the radio, tv and many billboards. And that is an ominous sign for the foreseeable future. When it comes back to bite these people who knows? But it will and it’s going to be ugly.

  • DJ GeorgiePorgie

    Trickling down economy’s ? That shit have never worked. Thumbs down just because you guys insinuating that. Are you for the people or what ? ?

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