NORTH KOREA SURROUNDED By 150,000 Chinese Troops & U.S. Warships! – Is War Imminent?

Josh Sigurdson breaks down the stunning development in North Korea as the U.S. sends a fleet of warships to the Korean Peninsula ready to attack at any moment. All the while, China has sent 150,000 troops to the North Korean border in order to take North Korean refugees in the case of an imminent attack by the United States.
While there have been U.S. fighter jets in the region for several months, this is a whole new ballpark. The commander of American forces in the pacific ordered an aircraft carrier and several other warships towards the Korean Peninsula as a show of strength by the Trump administration according to the New York Times.
This is just days after North Korea tested another intermediate-range missile.
This could get ugly fast considering the North Koreans’ threats towards the US as they ready their missiles. Though it’s worth pointing out that they don’t have much fighting ability outside their readied weapons. They can barely afford to fuel fighter jets.

In a disturbing twist, Kim Jong Un broadcast a possible coded message of an imminent attack on the state-run airwaves. Many believe the message was to North Korean sleeper cells. The broadcast happened at 12am, addressed to “members of the remote education university” saying things like “Number 69 on page 602, number 79 on page 133, number 18 on page 216.”
North Korea sent out a similar message on March 24 just days before Kim Jong Un fired a missile into the Sea of Japan.
While most are disturbed just by the day to day life in North Korea and the real isolationism within the country, if war kicks off, how exactly will bombing the country help the people? The real victims of the regime.
Shouldn’t the target be deprogramming those within North Korea who think their leader is god? Showing them the beauty of freedom? This may just end in death and destruction. At least for North Koreans.
Of course the North Korean government needs to be stopped, among many others, but will bombing and massive potential nuclear clashes help? Or just lead to decades of further nation building?
As the military industrial complex continues to grow, we live in dangerous times and will continue to cover these issues as they unfold. We should not be the policemen of the world. Individuals however should learn to be individuals instead of collectives and value true freedom vs force of state.

Stay tuned for more!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • magnus4g63

    Just look at all that death stolen funds can buy #taxationistheft … amazing, imagine how wealthy the world would be, how easily you could help others if not governments wasted the bulk of your income on wars and stupidity …

  • biraj dai

    not good move for USA..Ace to china..US could lose japan or south korea since china might look to conquer N korea

  • watcher on the wall

    so why is the usa there again oh the poor people of the country yea like there’s any compassion there, how about ohhh the children , no usa is only there to slow down the development of the silk road that goes through n korea usa wants to protect the usd nothing else , except to thwart the china economy and try to slow it down

  • Indie Media Eastcoast

    korean dude needs to be taken down…. ‘socialist’ country? wtf? n. korea is a horrorshow…. remember when Trump talked about public-private-partnerships in his first 100 day plan.. he was talking about ‘communitarianism’ which is what the USA did in Iraq and Afghanistan.. money in rebuilding after occupying .. partnering with China.. its about resource grabbing and money .. isn’t it always? you should invite Richard Spencer to your red pill expo .. alt right is anti -war .. ya know.

  • gldesmarais9356

    “And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.” —Revelation 14:11.  What a frightening Scripture… THEY HAVE NO REST DAY NOR NIGHT.  The unsaved who die in their sins will be cast into the Lake of Fire in eternity.  The Bible warns that the wicked will be tormented with flaming fire by God Himself in vengeance (2nd Thessalonians 1:8-9).  They will suffer day and night without rest.

  • Kelvin Grabowsky

    Either more sabre rattling or a surgical strike aimed at Kim’s cellphone or maybe more ‘art of the deal’ shit?‍♂️

  • Killa Watt

    Just an idea but with 150k Chinese troops on the North Korean border and US ships off the Coast. We maybe seeing a joint effort by the Chinese and Trump admin to overthrow and invade the North Korean peninsula. Looking China to Annex the country while liberating the North Korean people. Perhaps it will be US air strikes supported by Chinese ground troops.

  • Teresa Kay Ward

    China wants to keep Korea out of China if war kicks off. They are not there to help the U.S.A. get it right or do not report at all.

  • Quality scams !

    Every one saying that China is protecting North Korea they’re not, when Nk tested missiles on Chinese territory, They’re since to like each other.

  • Reveal Truth

    I’ve learned one BIG thing.

    When the media says we will attack, it’s mean to scare someone.

    and when the media says we want peace, this means proxy war.

    war is only true when an ultimatum is giving.

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