Rex Tillerson Arrives In Moscow While Putin Warns Of More False Flags To Come!

The stage is being set for a major global conflict and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the latest developments between Russia, Syria and the US. Support us on Patreon ➜
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  • Free That's funny

    The US will stop at nothing for their agenda. You think a few kids are what their concerned about . Your as stupid as the MSM! Amazing how the more Assad and Russia beat the US backed ISIS the more the US wants Assad gone! Duh!

  • Dimentio

    I don’t always agree with you, but you always provide great insight and a great point of view. The globalist elites will not stop until all of mankind is under a NWO, so keep up the good work on exposing the truth!

  • Louis Accardi

    Thanks for the information. My family believes anything that CNN and the mainstream propaganda media presents as news. They think I’m crazy when I bring up anything the goes against the mainstream media. I have to keep my mouth shut because they think it’s phony. The mainstream propaganda media has done a great job of brainwashing the masses. What a bunch of control freaks.

  • theswagler

    DC was notified by intel on the ground that Assad fired a missile into an enemy Rebel armaments depot, that unknowingly housed chemical weapons (supplied by McCain…). TV News last night stated 57% of Americans condone Trump’s strike, but the majority wishes no further actions. Where they got those numbers, who the hell knows. Trump is an arrogant man, I don’t see him recanting his decision. It’s a shame to see this once God fearing country now ran by psychopath criminals set on conquering the world, even if it means burning it to the ground trying.

  • Maria Soleada

    I am praying that it RAINS Real Hard onWee man who also uses another account name (coojstat69) toplay little Wee Level games on the internet.
    Your commentaries show how you don’t have a clue.Next time get real and leave a meaningful and BENEFICIAL to others ‘commentary’.

  • jo phoenix

    our overseers think we are dumb”GOYIM” which means UNCLEAN not just non Jew..This is another take over for “THE GREATER PLAN FOR ISRAEL” Never forget China got the OIL contract for Iraq why cheap energy to produce the goods USA TAX FREE for the internationalist who are Bolshevik Zionist

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