The END Of Net Neutrality Is HERE! – Why This Is A GOOD Thing (with Jeffrey Tucker)

Josh Sigurdson talks with libertarian superstar Jeffrey A. Tucker of and The Foundation For Economic Education to talk about his recent article ‘Goodbye Net Neutrality; Hello Competition’ which anyone in the political sphere would have a hard time avoiding.
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced that he wishes to do away with net neutrality and open up the market to competition. For years under Obama, the internet was kind of a socialist monopoly by the state via net neutrality where government regulated prices and monopolized major corporations. After Netflix recently decided to look towards private competition for better quality, this whole domino effect took the United States by storm.
As Jeffrey Tucker goes into, when you open up the market to competition, we see true innovation and eventually prices come down.
Interestingly many are terrified that this could lead to censorship and give too much power to major corporations. Well first off, if anyone’s going to censor the internet, it’s the government which via the hand of Google they already are with content from RT. If corporations censored content which they are likely to do all the same, in a free market, competitors step in with a censorship free platform and people move to that provider. You don’t insult your customers on the free market.
Secondly, the notion that this gives a bunch of power to major corporations is simply not the case. The government has been giving corporations a major handout by monopolizing them under net neutrality rules for years and all the while, these corporations that people are concerned about are actually in support of net neutrality. Isn’t that interesting?

The point is that when you want MORE you pay MORE in every industry except the internet for some reason. Well the internet is supposed to be the greatest example we currently have of freedom and we need to ensure we preserve that for future generations without state control and for that reason we must support the free market. With the free market comes competition, innovation, lower prices and far greater quality.

Jeffrey Tucker also dug into the recent Bitcoin rally as it nears $10,000 USD.

We appreciate Jeffrey’s time! Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Jeffrey A. Tucker
Josh Sigurdson

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  • World Alternative Media

    As per usual, this video was IMMEDIATELY demonetized by YouTube for “hate speech.”
    Please show your support for independent media by checking out some of the below links! We can’t do it without you! Thank you! 🙂
    ~ Josh

  • logical dwarf

    Josh the reality is that there already is a monopoly on the internet no one can build the infrastructure or make more band with all this dose is open the door for the more company’s to censor do think atnt is going to let its competitors advertise on there primary service no there going to restrict the limited amount of access to all but the those with the right opinions and those that can afford to hold those opinions access to the internet should be a right and protected by the government like all our rights fyi no sate means anarchy not liberty

  • Sam Crafter

    Hmmmm There is something off with you. I cannot say what it is. I just get this feeling you are hiding something.
    Smells fishy.

  • D.I.V.E

    unfortunately it’s a lose lose situation. ISP’s will have the ability to give google facebook etc access to the “fast lane” leaving the small ones crushed like cockroaches.

  • peterboy sonicat

    At the very pinnacle of the issue of net neutrality is the fact that, Capitalism and Democracy are antithetical. This whole argument is moot for this very reason. Either you have liberty, or, you have controls. There’s no gray matter to discuss.


    all dependant on a controlable grid system…if the system is used it can be turned off…lots of cvrypto> emp (or hit the key) > no crypto in a split second…might be able to use it now to be ready to help owr fellow man?…5g can literally cook biology (might be a bigger concern?)…money was created to control, might there be another way?…Creator bless…doug

  • L. J. W.

    Another regulations without people in mind, just more BS. They are only thinking of how they can get more money, and lock us into their forms of control, always trying to stop free speech.

  • george hunter

    This deregulation will allow the providers to slice and dice , speed and slow for money. They already to this now under the radar so get out your check book if you want internet speed and all that it had to offer.

  • rickmalone270

    Although Ron Paul may have repeated it, “no force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come” is attributed to Victor Hugo.

  • Hvem

    Be careful if this is the right ideals of freedom guys. These Cryptos are engaging with AI. It is not freedom but just another fiat scheme with full control.Take a look at all the great comments underneath – many awaken people can see what is going on.

  • james williams

    Since this man is for freedoms and he knows Trump is fighting for freedoms WHY THE HELL IS HE AGAINST TRUMP? I`m outta here.

  • Paul DeVos


    — NOT agreeing with this video NOT against it either —

    I found this was an interesting presentation of information from a non-popular opinion that isn’t an extreme version like Nazi-ism or some crap like that. Net Neutrality is a real topic that I want to be intellectually honest about and to do that I need to hear out an opposing view of the popular view to have a shot at said intellectual honesty. Interesting…will definitely continue to monitor other non-popular opinions on the topic and better information for both sides in general.

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