Josh Sigurdson talks with libertarian superstar Jeffrey A. Tucker of and The Foundation For Economic Education to talk about his recent article ‘Goodbye Net Neutrality; Hello Competition’ which anyone in the political sphere would have a hard time avoiding.
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced that he wishes to do away with net neutrality and open up the market to competition. For years under Obama, the internet was kind of a socialist monopoly by the state via net neutrality where government regulated prices and monopolized major corporations. After Netflix recently decided to look towards private competition for better quality, this whole domino effect took the United States by storm.
As Jeffrey Tucker goes into, when you open up the market to competition, we see true innovation and eventually prices come down.
Interestingly many are terrified that this could lead to censorship and give too much power to major corporations. Well first off, if anyone’s going to censor the internet, it’s the government which via the hand of Google they already are with content from RT. If corporations censored content which they are likely to do all the same, in a free market, competitors step in with a censorship free platform and people move to that provider. You don’t insult your customers on the free market.
Secondly, the notion that this gives a bunch of power to major corporations is simply not the case. The government has been giving corporations a major handout by monopolizing them under net neutrality rules for years and all the while, these corporations that people are concerned about are actually in support of net neutrality. Isn’t that interesting?

The point is that when you want MORE you pay MORE in every industry except the internet for some reason. Well the internet is supposed to be the greatest example we currently have of freedom and we need to ensure we preserve that for future generations without state control and for that reason we must support the free market. With the free market comes competition, innovation, lower prices and far greater quality.

Jeffrey Tucker also dug into the recent Bitcoin rally as it nears $10,000 USD.

We appreciate Jeffrey’s time! Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Jeffrey A. Tucker
Josh Sigurdson

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