The True Reason Why Russell Brand Ended The Trews

In this video I discuss “The True Reason Why Russell Brand Ended The Trews”
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Final Episode Of The Trews – Goodbye, Good Luck: Russell Brand The Trews (E366)

MPs – If They F*ck Our Children Are They F*cking Us All? Russell Brand The Trews (E365)


About The Author


  • ura soul

    i run a social network that is entirely aligned towards healing, balancing
    and evolving, called ‘ureka’. you can participate there if you like, to
    help co-create a wisdom community that creates powerful changes on earth.
    (the link is on my YT profile)

  • Ultra Veganista

    I don’t know, beyond anything Russell has said himself, why he is leaving,
    however, I think it is wise to occasionally withdraw and regroup. It is a
    wise person who realizes that he simply needs to focus his energy on that
    which can only be done independently. Let him have his sabbatical Maybe
    things are at critical mass for him in some ways. Let him work it out. I
    don’t see how anyone, in any field, can continue a constant output without
    taking a break occasionally. Learning is good! It is very beneficial to,
    instead of playing to the nearsighted persons who must live at all times in
    their egos, to view ones self as a student of life. Followers must learn to
    lead, however; leaders must learn to follow. The two go hand in hand.


    they hide stuff , because its a massive secret buzz for them , look at my
    pic of Michel Jackson hands at 911 dancing on a masonic floor , with the
    smoke of new York behind him , that album came out 4 years before 911
    happened, he might come out with some great stuff we all agree on , but I
    recon he will steer past a lot of subjects , then u get a revolution of a
    narrow band , yes wider than before , but not as wide as it could be .

  • Ed Keys

    I Like your calm, measured reporting style – while maintaining direct and
    frank analysis of these real world issues. Are you continuing your own
    ‘Trews’ style News Channel?

  • Sue Booth (thatgirl1269)

    He knew he was going to do this long before the day before and the
    paedophile video. That video had nothing to do with it, take my word. I’m
    seeing him on Saturday (here in Australia) and can’t wait. Anyway, yep,
    take my word for it… I can’t say how I know, but I KNOW it had nothing to
    do with that paedophile video.

  • Sue Booth (thatgirl1269)

    Oh and NEVER give up… people like you are what we need in the world. You
    are one of many spreading the truth. :)

  • Vj Waxmask

    Guys like Brand are dangerous, spewing obvious truths while weaving lies
    into it. He has a hidden agenda and he did more damage then good to the

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