Anti Trump Protest Staged By Antifa “He Said Mexicans Are All Rapists”

On Wednesday November 15th at the Trump Tower in Vancouver, Antifa staged an anti Trump demo in protest of the US election results. The group claims that they “Engaged in struggle against all fascists, nationalists, white supremacists, and Nazi sympathizers”. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth tries to inquire as to what their motives are and what their cause is.

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  • Darren Woodward

    Soros and the gang have done a good job at brainwashing this generation
    thank god I brought my children up with the real truth these kids need
    taking out of your country for 6 months and put them in a country they so
    much look up to. They would soon come running back with their tails between
    their legs..

  • Bruhduh

    3:00 I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she was
    cold… She was totally not struggling to regurgitate every single sound
    bite she could think about.

  • Maria Soleada

    How did ANY of these people become SO concerned about the things they
    single as being ProbleMs that must be rejected and stood up against, like
    Which podcast, TV show/Propaganda News coming from all TV Stations, Movies
    etc has infected them with s u c h a passionate ConCern? tell me ! Some
    things are promoted out there and all of a sudden begins a fad for example
    of Tattoos that everyone wants, and then it’s nose piercing and body part
    piercing galore. Mechanized People is what I see looking for a cause to
    feel good about defending but, programmed into ‘which’ cause they will be
    ‘interested’ in.

  • Warfossil

    Going for that sexy Uncle Fester look. An anti Trump protest in Canada
    makes absolutely no sense. I ‘ve seen the signs and heard the chants from
    these Canadians “not my president” which is a no brainer because he
    literally isn’t.

  • Michael

    Doesn’t Australia do the exact same thing? ”if you move here, you
    assimilate” so they’re all bigots and xenophobes too right?

  • sunwarz

    who are these people behind masks, cursing out people with their potty
    minds and mouths? Do they think violence is the answer? If you want to be
    heard and taken seriously you have to at least pretend to be civilized
    adults, not violent vindictive lunatics. If you can’t talk in a two way
    conversation, arnt even open to discussion because your stubborn juvenile
    minds are made up and you are right and that’s all their is to it! Then you
    need a councilor to help you get over the fact that your shit don’t smell
    the same as every one else’s!

  • Dis Pleased

    These people are retarded…they are clueless that if our country was
    overrun by Muslims and superstitious illegals from the third-world, that
    they’d be at the top of the list of outcasts!

  • Ima Realist

    God help us when this generation of SJW enter politics! Time for some much
    needed re-education? I think our university’s have seriously damaged them.

  • Survivor Kitty

    You’re such a rebel Press. The easiest way for a person to say they don’t
    know the facts, is to refuse to say anything. Kinda’ like taking the 5th.
    Silence is stronger than words. It’s interesting though how they always
    preach against hate, yet they hate Trump and everyone that supports
    him…smh Good job Press. Thanks. Take care.

  • Literally Hitler

    This is shaping up nicely. A few more months to a year and I should have
    everything I need set aside for when Antifa(ggots) come marching through
    the streets trying to drag people from their houses.

  • pathfinderdaddy

    This is like watching a Mark Dice video. Idiots on the street. So many
    doofuses hear only what fits into their fear based paradigm, then proceed
    to spout off lies to promote their
    control freak agendas.

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