The Way Of Individuation In A Collectivised World


In this episode I start this talk about the current socio-politcal debate on individual rights, free speech, globalism. I then go into some ideas from Jung about the process of Individuation as he termed it, and compare it to the founding principles of western civilzation and America at its birth. I attempt to bring it all back to the healthy development of the individual in society, comparing with the likes of Tesla, Jobs, Bruce Lee, and many other influentail world changers. Given the current discusion happening in the media and in academia these days, I break down the quote from John W. Gardner: 
“The creative individual has the capacity to free himself from the web of social pressures in which the rest of us are caught. He is capable of questioning the assumptions that the rest of us accept.”and discuss the idea expressed here and how important it is to pursue a path of self realization and individuation in our increasingly collectivised/globalised world. Article Links: 
Individualism vs. Collectivism: Our Future, Our ChoiceA Beginner’s Guide to Carl Jung’s Individuation Process: A Map for Integrating Your PsycheJung and his Individuation Process

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  • Bezz80

    Really, more wealth in the hands of ever fewer hands, is the way froward, to insure individuality…and western civilization. The government is taxing less now than ever, while they are allowed to print all the money and cover their expenditure independent of those very taxes, debt…your world makes corporations individuals and individuals corporations…you are an entrepreneur, that’s funny…I’m a full political science major (German language second major), minors is philosophy, economics, English and history and course work in astronomy and meteorology…no one gives one fuck, they (you) are all experts and will define shit they haven’t a clue about, but please go on… sorry, the bullshit meter is to high and I’m only in 3:24…let me sum up this whole video now in one sentence…(truth) the individual can only be free to that individual under the protection of a society built on equality, otherwise they are all slaves of powerful individuals, owners…but I’m sure in today’s backward thinking society, someone will watch this whole thing and think you’re great, right on the mark and want to pay you to spread the word…sadly David after a couple years, I think you are just trying to find a way to pander your way into a place that will pay, just like most YouTubers. I’m gone, but will remember you well, good luck.

  • NewClear War

    When so many become individuals they grow and teach there siblings and In Turn they grow. Decades upon decades. Then there’s tons of Awsome connectIons. But. The “they” don’t want that. And they must flow along I order for the individual to grow. Isent that what the “they” have been doing all this time.. Over and over again.. .?

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