The Deception of Trump & The Globalist Military Industrial Complex

Here’s a video that’s bound to rustle some jimmies!
We at WAM are adamant about being consistent in the message of liberty. We are voluntaryists and libertarians. We will call out Trump for the same things we called out Obama and Bush for previously.
Here, Josh Sigurdson and John Doull break down the importance of consistency and the incredible values of true individual freedom in a voluntaryist society.
People have been commenting in massive numbers claiming that we at WAM are “leftist” or “liberal” for calling out Trump for growing the size and scope of the military industrial complex, except the growth of such powers is inherently leftist and collectivist considering it’s the growth of government. These so-called conservatives calling us leftists are far closer to the leftist ideology if anything. It’s not much different from those on the left calling anyone who disagreed with Obama “fascist” or “racist” despite literally using fascist tactics against those they disagreed with, not to mention showing a stunningly low level of tolerance.
We aren’t here to be popular. We’re here to be honest and consistent in the message of liberty and in spreading the truth.
Isn’t it interesting that the same people calling out Hillary Clinton for her warhawk implementations and beliefs are praising Trump for the very same policies? Isn’t it interesting that Trump has gone back on countless election talking points?
He was rightly calling out the Federal Reserve. Now he praises it. He was calling out NATO, now he’s praising it. He was calling the Chinese currency manipulators, now he says they’re not and praises them. He was calling out Clinton and Obama for their push to destabilize the middle east, now he’s supporting that destabilization. He was saying it’s better to be friends with Russia that foes. Now he’s on the forefront of the divide with Russia.
People are standing down apathetically just like the left did for 8 years under Obama and for what? Comfort. Comfort in their apathy begets and perpetual circle of Hegelian problem, reaction, solution and that’s exactly what’s happening. People who have no moral viewpoints, no true political views, just another flavor of collectivist authoritarianism.
So to those who call us leftists for literally standing up against big government, shame on you.
We stand for individual freedom, individual market demand. Freedom. Not coercion and nation building. Not massive global government.
So much for “Americanism, not globalism”. Trump is now officially a globalist and that’s why McCain, Clinton, Obama and Schumer are praising him. Who would’ve thunk?
Well… we predicted this throughout 2015 and 2016 but I guess it’s easy to remember things in our own little bubble than actually understand the massive deception pushed on the American people under the guise of “change”… again.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Doull

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • stanpev

    Mr Trump is a nice Man he thinks of the money people first, and have beautiful bunkers for the Rich, And the poorer people last.and you stay on the top to get a nice sunburn, are is he NICE to let you die

  • Pill Box

    Goddamn I hate both political parties. It makes people so fucking stupid and hypocritical. They pretend to hate each other, but they’re both corrupt to the bone marrow

  • Sandy Villarreal

    Thank you for this dose of reality. and honesty. Russia is not the enemy here. All America has to do is take a good, hard look in the mirror to see who the ‘real’ enemy is. ‘The Patriot Act’ is no different than Hitler’s ‘The Enabling Act’ – to rip constitutional rights away from it’s citizens. America bought it hook, line & sinker.

  • BiddieTube

    No matter how much the government lies and screws the people, most of the people will believe that the government is working hard to support the people that it is screwing. The reason the people believe and support those who are screwing them is because propaganda works and always will work. The people absolutely want their propaganda, tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards and more. I never thought it was possible before, but nowdays strongly am thinking that a good part of the human population is absolutely stupid dumb and wants to remain dumb. I hope that the government just begins to convince them to jump off tall buildings, afterall, they appear to want to cull the population anyway.
    Trump is absolutely by far, the most obvious one to completely turn on those who supported him. It happened just days after he got in office. Nobody has so totally and quickly clearly openly turned on their supporters the way trump has. But those people who he totally stomped on love him and will support him to their death. Propaganda works and this proves it.
    This video points out some of the many ways trump has turned on his supporters.

  • Trance Deuce

    You keep using that word; I don’t think it means what you think it means.  Anarchy is a left wing ideology.  An international banking cartel with an army is right wing.

  • Danish Shaikh

    Please can anyone tell me why trump obeys the deep state. what kind of power do they possess to turn even trump on to their side. and what happens to trump if he doesnt listen to them. Thank you.

  • watcher on the wall

    ok so this is your generational nightmare here , how can it be changed …/? geek brigade? is it possible to have a central depo for information, like a blockchain, with everyone having a IP address , one pc is one vote whether it be phone or whatever that is registered to that person so they can not use 2 ip addresses for 2 votes somehow , but the entire population could vote to do something and get immediate results within hours , this would be the new government , run by the people , for the people , maybe then something positive could be accomplished …i dun no man , you guys know all this stuff , come up with a simple system , that’s all it takes is getting a system in place that works and with block chain tech, surely something could be accomplished

  • Jacqueline Worthington

    They are not elected they ar selected. Take your pick.There lies the problem. Banks are in charge.

  • watcher on the wall

    what the public is having problems with is accepting the fact that someone who is placed into a public office position would lie to them , when lies are told , the entire system corrodes , and guess what, you just need people with morals , ethics, empathy, sincerity which with the wealthy or legalists who run for office , simple do not and can not have cause if they did , they would not be into legalistic fields , nor would they be wealthy , these two positions in life can not be attained with honesty, compassion for your fellow man, its not in their character trait

  • Doura Diallo

    Sad to think that I used to be a Trump supporter. In the campaign it seemed like he would keep America out of the NWO. But I was so naive to think that. I just wonder are we ever going to have a President that will actually stand up against the establishment? But what you said was true, nice video.

  • ShillBullshit007

    Eh gyys please dont.start wearing ties and having flashy green screen.shit like all the other cock.sucker CIA duoers…..thanks

  • AOWM Ohm

    “We need government” Why?
    The only reason I can think of is, as a means of defending from foreign governments, this is not all it’s cracked up to be because in creating a defence mechanism, you create within your own living space what you sought to defend against.
    Government is not the answer to the problem of government.
    The opposite of government is individualism, as such the answer to the problem of government is personal responsibility, to suggest otherwise would be the domain of an authoritard.

  • starmanskye

    HOW COME people who should KNOW better never push back against the constant use of ‘liberal’ to refer to ‘neoliberal’? Doesn’t anyone know their history, remember that the Boston Tea Party revolutionary subversive rebels were defacto, the nation’s most earliest well-known liberals? THAT means, anti-authoritarian, standing up to and speaking truth to power — which is the nations bedrock foundational principle on which everything follows —

    The absolute championing of Liberty, self-determinism, independence, dedication to human and civil rights, opposition to all forms of coercion and compulsion, anti-slavery, accountability for elected officials and everyone, equitable rules and laws that preserves a cooperative civil society with rule of Law, public institutions of social betterment ie. schools, clinics, infrastructure, economic free market/fair trade with necessary safeguards and oversight to prevent predatory, abusive practices, National Security from outside attacks and internal subversion/insurgency.

    It seems like conservatives and Libertarians have attempted, over 30-40 yrs, to coopt and rebrand their own ‘version’ of America’s liberal legacy. I’ve long suspected that the perversion-of-meaning and the demonization, pejorative mockery, insults, blame-gaming and insults of ‘liberals’ and ‘liberalism’ by Repubs and Conservatives is an unofficial (at best) campaign if not a strategized psyops intended to discredit and steal the integrity and significance of what classic old-school liberalism has always meant and still really, really means, since liberalism directly challenges the Deep State klepto-corporatocracy of illegitimate, unaccountable power and the exercise of coercive means to project force in its many forms, ie compulsion, coercion, threats, intimidation, manipulation, deciet, blackmail, mind-trick persuasion, quid-pro-quo entrapment, lies, fraud, terrorizing, instilling fear, fakenews (deciet), etc.

    The 60’s generation of social justice/civil rights movement supporters, student, anarchist and citizen anti-war demonstrators, [peace activists, anti-nuke, environmentalists, community supporters etc all grew out of the dedicated struggles opposing the excesses, institutionalized violence, corruption, militarization, illegal and brutal MIC/CIA 3rd world policies and practices, IMF/World Bank/NED/USAID etc. exploitations and manipulations of target nations, etc.

    There is a long, dynamicly rich history and tradition in America of political and social demands, confrontation, strikes, marches, and committed engagement with contrarian, powerful interests going back to the 1850s and even earlier, of vigorous and principled idealism. The common, unifying thread that unites them all is anti-authoritarian liberal activism to promote their cause against the power of big business, big money and a blind, deaf Gov.

    Then as now, Liberals organized, protested, opposed, entreated, advocated, publicized, debated, and actively mounted resistance to and on behalf of a great wide range of critical issues and forces that the state’s officials were unresponsive to, aided and abetted those involved, or otherwise ignored. Liberalism confronted authoritarian systemic abuses, unfair and predatory rules and laws,and ‘private vs public’ banking practices, access to education and fair wages, unsafe and intolerable working conditions, slavery, working man’s rights, child labour law protection, women’s equality, excesses of Robber Barons and financial/business cartel monopolies.

    In the early 1900s, liberal activism, opposition and resistance to the state’s anti-democratic, criminal, repressive and terrorizing projections of power often led to violent clashes with the State’s monopoly of police, military, armed guard and private security (Pinkertons) force of arms.

    Now, WHAT does this history have to do with the current useage of ‘liberalism’ that has been hijacked and tarred with meaning principled support for big government, nanny-state protectionism, authoritarian power and institutional configurations of sociopolitical relations, ie neocon Democratic alignments of interests/partnerships with MIC/Oil/Banking/Industrial complex and multinational Corporations, aggressive pro-active foreign-policy militarization? Again, this IS realy neoliberalism, that is, something 180 degrees from what genuine old-school liberals like me believed and stood-for. I mean, it is really kind of bizarre to replace one meaning with its opposite. WHY is there a dislocation of meanings at all?

  • Ds Vic

    Absolutely agree with you. This mentality was always in the back on my head and Trump latest moves prove it further. Thank you for your existence ??

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