The FALL Of The Old Economy – The Rise Of The NEW! (with David Moadel)

Josh Sigurdson talks with David Moadel of Portfolio Wealth Global about several things affecting the markets and the monetary system currently.
David has great insight into a host of issues which he features regularly on his YouTube channel.
First, David goes into the very real issue of market manipulation as we see banks and governments prop up or crash markets across the board. Gold and silver have been extraordinarily manipulated most notably since 1933 at the confiscation of gold by FDR which was used to fund the ESF. David explains that this will end very badly for the old economy.
David then explains what we are currently seeing with the yield curve as it shows clear signs of it inverting. Every time the yield curve inverts, it is soon followed by a recession.
All fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero, they always have, they always will going back to 1024 AD in China.
With that, we talk about the extremely notable housing bubbles happening throughout the United States currently, very reminiscent of 2007, but this time even worse. David talks about how interest rates are involved and how this will lead to the coming storm.
He also talks about the future of cryptocurrencies as blockchain technology is used for good, but also the dangers of a centrally planned digital cashless society in the playbook for countries like China.
Finally, David explains how individuals can make passive income and strive for success rather than being dependent on banks and government.

All this and more!

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

David Moadel
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • The Matrix Red Pill Is No Joke WakeUp

    no of this matters because we are in the last year’s of santan and his demons world, let it all fall who cares, why stay here and suffer

  • The Umpire's Post

    Have been to David’s channel. He is pretty good at teaching (fairly simple to understand approach) the market and TA indicators, as well as other markets (I.e. cannabis stocks, etc.).

  • Shovel County

    Government doesn’t like competition; they will control all digital currencies Eventually. It was written; check the bible!

  • Rocksmith Live

    A single global digital currency is the only way out of the money trap we have put ourselves in. It is the only way humanity will be able to evolve to it’s next state of commerce. It is inevitable, otherwise there is only destruction.

  • Charles Watts

    If you want a currency that is decentralized and real, make it kWh.  Kilowatt hours.  It is real and can’t be faked.  It can’t be controlled.  It will be king over ALL cryptocurrency since they use power to mine and maintain their system.  We use it every day in our home and work.  We use it to make our food and goods.  It is already entwined into every aspect of our lives.  It will spark the next real revolution.  The Energy Revolution!  Storage will get better out of necessity.  Generation will get better.  Transmission will get better.  People can make a portion of what they need at home similar to how crypto miners mine free crypto.

    Public funded power plants will become U.S. property.  Transmission lines funded by public money become U.S. property.

    Any privately owned generation plants can’t make up more than 5% total GDP.  All privately owned power plants, transmission lines, and equipment must buy and sell all power from the U.S. grid.  The grid is the marketplace where all transactions take place.  It can even be tracked by a public ledger system the crypto nuts clamour over.

    People can store excess kWh in battery systems or contracted future generation.  As storage results in efficiency losses, this is a natural barrier to prevent a single individual or group from stockpiling kWh to amass power and influence over everyone else.  Stockpiling contracted future generation will be safe from manipulation if you don’t have the means to store or use the power.  Intentionally shorting circuits to consume large volumes of kWh to drive up scarcity will be detrimental to transmission and equipment on both sides of the demarcation line.  It has natural barriers to abuse and corruption.

  • Scott Stankis

    I’m with this guy think there should be multiple currencies that we can choose from. You should be able to make your individual choice

  • Charles Dawson

    Interested to hear your top gold picks in 2018. Its a great time to buy gold. Will definitely subscribe and check out /goldplaybook. ?

  • Edward Fietz

    I didnt realize that David was part of the Portfolio wealth global team. I’ve been following their work and am super impressed with Tom Becks newsletter.

  • Trevor Smith

    Solid interview. David covered a variety of important topics. I downloaded the /Calicoin report. This sounds very interesting. Have some reading to do.

  • 96BxelA

    So what junior mining stocks dummy.? This only thing this guy knows is how to repeat rhetoric. I’m a believer in real money but this guy is a chump….

  • gary burns

    I cant invest in anything I feel is immoral .  Pot,  drugs, Porn,  alcohol,  etc.  Even if I become a millionaire ,it  would be “dirty” money to me.  I could not look at myself in the mirror .

  • Lawrence Chew

    7.37 – ‘Protect yourself now. Don’t protect yourself later.’ Sound advice save that I fear David Moadel’s advice of 2 years of saved expenditure set aside in US dollar or cryptocurrencies may not be adequate for what’s ahead!

  • Nick Gryzoski

    My plan:
    1.Stack silver
    2. Stack supplies
    3.Learn the stock market and play it with a small account DONT JUST JUMP IN WITH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS i started with 50(Robinhood app – free to use and weed stocks have been good to me lately).
    4. Continue to watch the pulse on the recession/collapse
    5. Leverage my silver to aquire income producing assets.
    6. Survive -food and guns
    7. Once the stock market has hit bottom, i now am knowledgable on how to play it and can hit the ground running.
    Repeat this cycle till next collapse….that is if this one doesnt end us all.
    Cheers and never ever stop learning!

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