RECESSION In South Africa! – MASSIVE Currency Crisis!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recession in South Africa as the South African Rand crashes following countless warnings by us here at WAM.
The Rand fell 3% on Tuesday as the economy fell into a technical recession.
We are seeing the repeat of countless warning signs we saw in Zimbabwe. Could they see hyperinflation heading their way? Because the massive central planning in South Africa is certainly leading to the vast poverty which came with the same in the former African country.
There is utter uncertainty in South African, but one thing is absolutely certain. All fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero. They always have throughout history going back to 1024 AD in China. This time will not end any different and while we had done many reports on this coming issue in the past, people rolled their eyes. This is simply what happens when you have out of control central planning and quantitative easing. When massive government enforces coercive rules on the populace while taxing people into oblivion.

Ramaphosa is acting the part of a king while history repeats. Interestingly he arrogantly thinks an upcoming stimulus package is going to fix this problem destined to worsen.

We will continue to follow this issue closely. Decentralize everything and rule yourselves!

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • RapidRay01

    It’s those Damn white men that gave over the country to the Tribal Didindos. !

    A country that could feed itself and even export goods …. now will be begging for Foreign Aid .

    It’s those Damn White Man’s fault….. as always !

    Multiculturalism is our DEATH and DESTRUCTION. !

  • Deez Nutz

    Of course South Africa is crashing. The spooks are taking over and killing anyone that produces anything. The only thing the spear chuckers contribute is bad breath and body odor, more babies and crime

  • Eagle Vision

    There were no blacks living in South Africa before the european settlers settled in South Africa, it was wilderness. Blacks came from the central and north Africa to steal what the white man made years later. Lugenpresse Lying Press lies about history and everything else. Rothschild learned about the gold and diamonds in South africa and brought in black workers to mine the minerals. Any big problem in the world you will find Rothschild or another of the (((Tribe))) creating and exploiting the problems to steal from the people.

  • AddresseeNot Recognized

    Gold and Silver is the money of a Lawful Society, Fiat paper is the money of a Legal Society, consent being the only difference;  Gresham’s Law is the first sign of consent leaving the system.

  • AddresseeNot Recognized

    Fiat is a fraud created by criminals who use the Legal system to create it out of thin air; your consent to Govt. is also used to create the Legal system out of thin air. Don’t give away your freedom if you don’t want your authority abused.

  • AddresseeNot Recognized

    Debt takes your freedom leaving you without authority; bankrupt countries will be owned  by those who Own the Banks ; slaves to the real Owners, which was the original intention

  • Amina Mayet

    1st of all it wasn’t the ANC that tabled the Land Expropriation in Parliament.It was the puppets that were created in OXFORD UNIVERSITY (EFF) JULIUS MALEMA.The LAND issue ,the ANC is going to use it to expose the BRITISH influence on SA.
    The reason why Theresa May was in SA was to come and defend the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK,Because SA wants to nationalize it . Also s SA is part of the BRICS nations , and the BRICS nations were cashing up US treasury bonds for SA GOLD ,which belongs to the BRITISH MINING INDUSTRY. So now they are stuck with treasury bonds.
    What SA wants to do is to do what the AFRIKAANER did during apartheid.Hold the BRITISH EMPIRE and BANKING SYSTEM at bay .SA is going backwards .The only people that had the BRITISH under control was the Afrikaaners ECONOMIC system .

  • paul bolger

    why arent we taking these white refugees in ireland this is a disgrace let the blacks have the country they will just be like zimbabwe in the end fools haha its so funny looking at them black sjw blaming everyone else making it worse haha

  • Ronald Bryant

    Paper money creates classes. Classes create division. We are waking up but its gonna be too late I think even with great examples from the past and PRESENT.

  • Tony Headford

    look! it’s not all bad Teressa fu*king May recently promised the latest SA tyrant 4 billion pounds of british working peoples money, and when he and his crooked cabal have deposited the funds into their private bank accounts, the arseholes will return for more, i’m sure we will a find a few more billions, god forbid we spend it on our elderly/schools/ hospitals etc. they say a nation gets the government they deserve, what the fuck did we do to deserve the slimy toad T MAY? also she is giving India 98miillion pounds which luckily for India will cover their space programme .. fuck their hungry then

  • Your Actions Have Consequences

    If only there was a group of people that can produce goods and take in all this debt and pay it back at a decent pace to reduce the risk of a crash and inflation going skyhigh. hmmmmmmm

  • Gail Johnston

    They don’t deserve any bailouts at all. They did it to themselves. Waste of air blacks. They had better learn fast how to be farmers or die.

  • Umlungu Nkosi

    Great advice but what you don’t know is that the majority of people here live day to day, including myself,we can’t afford kruger coins,bitcoins,plane tickets and all that stuff.

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