Rob Kirby: “Bitcoin Is NOT A Bubble!” – But There’s Another Bubble Growing…

During an interview with Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics, Josh Sigurdson asked Mr. Kirby about this constantly repeated claim that Bitcoin is a “bubble”.
Rob said he dismisses that claim as absurd and went on to call out the fiat system and dark money for REAL bubbles being created on the backs of the populace.
While the fiat system crumbles at its foundation, the markets get heavily manipulated and massive quantities of dark money hide in the shadows. While the system comes tumbling down due to incredible levels of centralization and quantitative easing, people are concerned about free market Bitcoin? There’s a lot more at hand here and Mr. Kirby breaks it down.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Rob Kirby
Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Sam Crafter

    I still personally think bitcoin is a bubble. The powers that shouldn’t be are buying it in mass only to crash it in the future. I’m not saying it couldn’t go much higher than it currently is. Maybe it will hit 100k maybe it will crash tomorrow.

    The big point here is that once “they” crash the bitcoin and they WILL. It will hurt a lot of people… “They” will put the blame on people who pushed the bitcoin hype and will ultimately be used to BAN cryptocurrencies world wide. Wake up people and LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE! CONNECT THE DOTS

    There definitely is a lot money to be made in crypto currencies but remember people it is based on thin air just like fiat currency.

  • Robert Lefebvre

    I love Rob Kirby’s use of the term “fiat units”. Calling a Federal Reserve Note a “dollar” is an insult to the real dollar (the one-ounce silver dollar issued by the US Mint)! I think we need to not only call the FRN what it is, we also need to differentiate between its printed version and its digital version. The Fed can create the digital version much faster and cheaper than the paper version. This difference in creation speeds of paper vs. digital fiat currencies has a major effect of global currency trading since not all economies can inflate at the same speed. Paper fiat currencies are at a severe disadvantage and end up receiving the bad end of the stick in any currency war with digital fiat economies.

  • GunTotnHippie

    Bitcoin is in a bubble. I finally decided to study the market from an engineer standpoint Bitcoin is in a bubble. NOW Ethereum on the other hand is actually, from a technology standpoint, pretty cool. Ethereum has a utility in being the lubricant for businesses to get crowd sourced funding. Do I suggest you use these coins as currency and margin trading with anything other than gambling money? NOPE! Don’t do it! What’s important here is not to look at the USD to Bitcoin but the separation between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The separation is not healthy because Ethereum specifically has way more utility then Bitcoin. Bitcoin has no contracts and is only rare. As soon as you create another 5000 more of these types these cryptos will not survive the Crypto Bubble. My prediction is people will get their asses handed to them when a major collapse happens in Bitcoin. People will flock to other cryptos then question why Bitcoin took off because it was considered an equal to Gold. From that point people will demand crypto CURRENCIES to be backed by silver or gold or something of value or utility.

  • Prairie Prepper 777

    You must be the dumbest person if you buy bitcoin…which country’s economy is behind it?what item or what is backing it?why is it going soo crazy fast ?

  • FiatBurner

    Bitcoin is the poster boy for the everything bubble.This is the type of speculative mania you would expect to see after a decade of interest rates rigged to 0% by central banks.

  • redtroika

    A collapse would cause a deflation event providing in a free market if the banksters don’t print more money. Their response might be to print more money and thereby create the hyperinflationary event artificially with the false hope of trying to save the system from collapse.

  • Sherwin Nurse

    Crypto, bitcoin keep dat just where d us, eu and d gang’s LIVE in uallllllll.SHIT HOLES, U people just don’t get it, Would like an waiting tu c how UALLLLLLLL FIRST WORLD country WILL LOOK like With some nice inbargoes. an.Deportation ha ha ha Don’t worry we will make a great 4th WORLD. For your kine, uallllllll will be Eating each other Again DAM, Or start d Wars An regain power North Korea have some great wealth ATTACK please WORLD POLICE

  • Charlie Machor

    Bitcoin and other cryptos are FRAUD. Fed and major banks are behind cryptos. They want to get cash from people, they want to remove cash from streets. People pay cash for cryptos but people can not get cash back.People buy crypto ( AIR), and people get AIR. All cryptos are AIR. PEOPLE CHEERS, BUY SILVER AND HOLD IN YOUR HAND.

  • Sherwin Nurse

    Try making up some thing else VERY FAST ent uallllllll love WAR??? WAAARRRRZZZZZ COST $$$$$$$$$$ JUST blame your puppet masters an yourselves simple as dat

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