The Facebook Killer Is Dead But This Isn’t Over – What You Need To Know

Steve Stephens now know as the Facebook killer is dead and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth questions the true purpose of the surveillance control grid in light of recent revelations. Patreon ➜
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Watch: “Snowden/Hastings and the war on Journalism”

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  • Karmic Wheel

    Greetings Earthlings! I come from Nibiru,
    ??✌ and say “Do Not” give ur privacy 2 big brother.. By the way ur channel Rocks! Keep up the good work.. ?

  • Jerry Hegwood

    I noticed I wasn’t receiving notifications from PFT. I went to the channel and I was unsubscribed. Something is definitely up with YouTube censoring content.

  • Brandon Wilson

    Watch big bro release something to keep us more restricted and keep an eye on us all the time… for our ‘safety’

  • dmrc43

    this is bullshit Dan.

    this ain’t TV. and they don’t have the right to censor the Internet on this particular issue.

    I can think of a few that they aren’t doing shit about, but I think I know why.

  • Unapologetic White Male

    I’ll do you one better! During the search they were able to locate a livestreaming reporter but they could not find a killer that was using multiple phones and social media accounts! Bullshit!!

  • Unapologetic White Male

    Either they actively dragged their feet or their surveillance capabilities are not as advanced as they would like us to believe which I am kind of leaning towards. Either way they are full of shit on a lot of things!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    i cant recall which channel exactly, i think it might have been RichiefromBoston, but he had a take on the story having to do with the effectiveness of live streaming/webcasting/whatever…..we know independant journalism (as well as all forms of free though and speech) is under attack, and how that capability for anyone and everyone to video events in real time and share outside of the perview/control of the MSM narrative could be one of our last great tech tools in the info war – amd that one angle could be the called for need to restrict and censor heavily those who are allowed to continue using servces that still provide it.
    ….for the children, of course.

    (nevermind how MSM has no problem showing ‘dead’ children to sell you on war against brown people)

  • Kathleen M

    I’m being gangstalked by the Freemasons & apparently “law enforcement”for whistleblowing, and as best I can figure out from Googling, they are tracking my car using data from my car’s “black box” (Event Data Recorder) with monitoring using ham radio packets. Surely this could have been done with the killer’s car, if for some reason his phone could not be tracked. How can we find the truth behind why “law enforcement” couldn’t find him?

  • Connect the Dots

    Imo, this is a psy-op..nothing of the story makes any sense, even the killers name, Steve Stephens? is questionable. With the tracking, that they have on us, of course, they would be able to find him…
    Apparently.. he went to McDonald’s, ordered chicken McNuggets, and had to wait for his fries..doubt that.. an employee recognized him, and called polease, who arrived. Steve Stephens, sped off, and shot himself..apparently, while still driving
    I want to the crash scene

    What needs to be reflected upon, is the fact that he is referred to, as having ”dark, white skin’.

  • patman0250

    what it was all about !!?? he had a fucking video explaining exactly that question you fucking dip shit !!! the reason they didn’t catch him using all there high tec spying bs is simple !! they can give to shits about what hes done hes a nigger killer all they see is oh he killed some nigger who cares!! they all very well still racist in the government if it had been a white man or a little white girl they would of caught him with in hours and that’s the truth !! and I guarantee you they would of got him at the Mcds but knowing thee stupid ass nigglet that work there they probably were making it all obvious like some fucking stupid ass morons !! looking out the window at him making it all noticeable n shit taking pics like some stupid ass dumb niggers !! and what the fuck if you are going to keep him up don’t give him his fucking nuggets first every one knows you don’t get held up for fucking fry’s so fucking obvious!!! should of gave him his fry’s and then held him up on the nuggets fucking dip shits cant do anything right !!!

  • patman0250

    and every one all praising the fucking morons at Mcds because they called the cops !! fuck that if they did what they were supposed to do hed be alive right now facing justice!! but no they had to fucking up the easiest thing in the world and they want $15 hr haha!! fuck you now hes dead when he shouldn’t be !! hw was supposed to fucking suffer for what he did not die instantly!! because of you stupid ass niggers at MCds !! like I said they were probably making it all fucking obvious n shit looking out the window and poking their heads out with their nappy ass afros !! fucking ass holes so basically because of the stupid niggers at mcds he really did get away with the shit he did !! stupid ass fucking morons !! next time keep your stupid fucking heads in the fucking windows and looking like some dumb fucking ignorant niggers !!


    Either this was a hoax or they are not watching us and are just telling us, they can, to keep us in check. Either way, they can’t watch us all. They are lying.

  • CanadaDig

    The whole thing was a hoax, just like the United Airlines victim allowed back on plane. People will believe anything

  • Steve Ryan

    You are so right that it is all about control. Welcome to the Technological Dictatorship. The only way to stop it is for each of us to rethink freedom.

  • Chris Livingston

    Who gives a shit if they know where you are or can follow you??? If your not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about …But if your killing someone or breaking the law then yeah that would suck ….So be normal and nothing will happen to you

  • szczy1234

    we must research profoundly the people we elect to govern the country. it looks like all of them are psychopaths. how in the world idiot Trudeau can make a decisions regarding our country? what is his IQ that makes him fit for the job? we elect more stupid then us people to rule over us…..we are doomed if we don’t break the pattern. we allow them to spy on us. what a joke.

  • democracy forever

    Soon big brother is going to make vaccines mandatory even for adults. Though these vaccines they inject us with poisons to dumb us down and eventually to reduce our population. Search out the truth about vaccines on the internet but DO NOT USE GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE They are controlling what you find and since they are part of big brother they may not want you to find out the truth about vaccines. There are alternative search engines out there One is Duckduckgo

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