Trump Is An Inside Job

“Statists are always gonna state and absolute power always corrupts absolutely. Trump is merely the right’s version of Obama. If you really thought the left-right paradigm was abandoned, that the powers-that-be would let an actual outsider not only run for president but win… well, I suggest you spend more time researching the new world order and less time voting for some power-hungry individual who claims to make everything great again.” – Dan Dicks


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  • Tweet Braden

    Yes.. I mean all the clowns from both extremes are idiots!! the Master is
    the Central banking(boss Jesuits/Vatican) the Military Industrial complex/
    CORPS.. this clown is going to do NOTHING!!! okay and I blame the MASSES
    on both sides for voting a corrupt system!! total boobs…

  • ChrisDSX

    Let him get sworn in first!! Obama can still give the Clintons a pardon, he
    might still be playing nice. I want to slam him on the same stuff but I
    will give him a few months until he is sworn in. This post is not just! You
    are jumping the gun.

  • Lucky Dingding

    I think this host does not know real politics.
    Before Trump secures his control of the military, Trump will not do
    anything aggressively against the NWO, particularly the NWO is running many
    anti trump protests across the country.

  • jamicwe55

    Wondering if your conclusion is premature, I think some things will be made
    clear after January 20th. If you consider were still under the current
    administration, that is obviously running interference for the left.

  • BoilerRoomRadio

    Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back Dan, you are FAR from the
    only one to make this ‘prediction’….and many, including myself, said
    Trump was part of the big club from the very beginning. Trump is a
    billionaire, that wants to play in the trillionaire sandbox, and will do
    exactly what he is told to do, to get there.

  • Rick Dangerous

    Trump never said he was going to investigate or prosecute the Clinton’s in
    the first 100 days… so why PFT is suggesting so is beyond me…

    If you go to the Trump website… and read his 100 day contract to the
    American people…. you will realize that none of what is said here is in
    the 100 day plan…

    From the 100 day plan….

    Fully repeals Obamacare and replaces it with Health Savings
    Accounts, the ability to purchase health insurance across
    state lines and lets states manage Medicaid funds. Reforms
    will also include cutting the red tape at the FDA: there are
    over 4,000 drugs awaiting approval, and we especially want
    to speed the approval of life-saving medications

    and as for hiring outsiders… Trump NEVER said his cabinet was going to
    employ only outsiders as PFT suggests between the lines here… he did say
    however that to be appointed to a job you have to FIRST and FOREMOST be
    ABLE to do the job from day one.

    What…. you never heard of hiring the enemy? WHo knows more about the
    failed system than those that created and ran it!?

    Those “insiders” simply lacked PROPER SUPERVISION and leadership…

    think about it….

  • pupper

    Obama wasnt hated at all by the democratic party, what the hell, he was
    backed by wall street.

    If Trump is an inside job then I am utterly AMAZED at the sheer competency
    of the government. No seriously, I would have to re-evaluate everything I
    believe about the incompetency and insularity of the US government.

    Also quoting the new york times and believing what they print. Sure thing.

  • Vladamir Muhammad (The Black Standard)

    Yeah NO SHIT Trump’s an insider. Now, try telling that to all the dumbfucks
    who voted for him! This whole election was one Hell of a con job!

  • Norman Payne

    And you will continue to lose subscribers as you are using MS media as your
    references which come on folks we all know they are full of shit. Get real
    man and get the real news as I thought this was Press for Truth and not Lie
    to the People.

  • Cindy Chiasson

    Time will tell if you are right and if he shows he is just the same as all
    the others it may only be a 10% turnout for the next election…pretty sure
    this is the last time the Americans will fall for the change candidate

  • eric martin Bosse

    Keep your friends close and your “enemies” closer. There may be something
    this Poker Player has in store. Keep on digging the facts Dan. Thank you
    for all you do :)

  • Charles Eldredge

    We’ve ALL been burned by EVERY politician EVERY time. But you are jumping
    the gun a bit.

    Re: Hillary. Trump isn’t President yet. And He isn’t one to tip his hand.
    He’s making nice nice. After all…if Hillary gets prosecuted there goes
    Obama too.

    Obamacare: He’s keeping 2 aspects of it that actually are good for the

    And which globalists has he ACTUALLY hired? None yet.

    I believe Trump is genuine. But we will see what actually happens. Clinton
    is, NO DOUBT, an absolute criminal.

  • Sonja Zozula

    Trump and Hillary have the same bosses, the world controllers, big money.
    All of the elite are corrupt. It’s how they came into power (wealth) as our
    entire system IS corrupt. We need to organize and begin citizens arrests!
    The elite will NOT arrest themselves! America needs her cowboys to wake up
    and protect her! We need a few good men and women to organize and take this
    bull by the horns.

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