YouTube Censorship, Elsagate And The Future Of Net Neutrality

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YouTube will begin purging unwanted accounts with artificial intelligence algorithms that have been designed to remove harmful content. But what is stopping the largest video sharing platform in the world from profiling the political opinions of their users in an effort to silence them? The answer is nothing and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why we must do everything we can to maintain net neutrality now more than ever so that free market alternative solutions like DTube can thrive.

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  • jerrywh3

    Pedophiles good PFT, China Uncensored, Stefan Molyneux bad. Typical liberal thought. These folks have no morals. When will the EMP’s fall from the sky so we can start over?

  • theprintedmessage com

    until pewtube or bitchute or vimeo start to give subscribers email notifications then you tube will continue to shine. I know cause I would drop watching you tube in a second if the other platforms offered this service

  • decompyler

    Word has been out for a long time about the pedo crap on youtube. They are complicit in this…. and might be part of it. Concerned people have been giving them hell for a long time and they have done nothing. Now that it reaches critical mass they are acting like “heroes” and acting on it? Cmon.

  • DroneWolf Media

    Anther great episode! I’ll have to look you up on Dtube.
    Sounds like a sweet speaking engagement coming up in Acapulco, wish I could afford to attend. Maybe next year. ? Keep up the good work!

  • Brian Kerr

    To bad you don’t actually link to a sight for the cannabis lover only the cannabis medicine user …. not exactly the same thing.

  • ScoobyDigits

    Last election left a lot of the mainstream media butthurt and upset. Of course Google is going to step in and shut them down especially on YouTube where their narrative was challenged.

  • choosetolivefree

    First of all, people (including and especially so called purveyor of truth, Dan Dicks) need to learn more about this “net neutrality” issue, because it really comprises two separate issues. The first issue is having an “open network”, and I am quoting Tom Wheeler, chairman of the FCC on that. He’s talking about ensuring ISP don’t force people to use their proprietary network hardware for their networks, and things like that. [SOURCE: In fact, in that article I linked, Tom doesn’t even MENTION anything about these supposed “toll booths” that Mr. Dicks talks about at 2:49.

    But that is the 2nd issue, these supposed toll booths that people like Mr. Dicks are trying to terrify everyone over. First of all, there were no net neutrality laws in existence before 2015, and no such toll booths existed, so what evidence is there AT ALL that anything like this would occur if these regulations were rolled back to pre 2015? Second of all, the motivation behind the idea of supposed toll booths is about cost to an ISP, NOT censorship. Currently under the net neutrality laws that took effect in 2015, ISPs are forced to absorb the costs of delivering high bandwidth services like Netflix and YouTube. IF these toll booths were to be implemented, it is entirely related to cost issues. But the thing is, even if net neutrality were continued, there is nothing stopping ISPs from raising their monthly service charges in order to cover these costs, instead. So either way, the average subscriber will end up paying more anyway.

    Lastly, net neutrality regulations have absolutely NOTHING to do with Google deciding to censor their website in any way they see fit. There is ZERO relevance, and ZERO connection with these issues, they are ENTIRELY separate. The fact is, YouTube is owned by Google which is a privately owned company. They have the right to do whatever they damn well please with their website, and who the fuck are you to tell them what they can and can’t do with THEIR OWN WEBSITE? If you don’t like YouTube, why don’t YOU go and put up a video based website of your own so that you can upload anything YOU see fit?

    It is unbelievable that people think it is OK to have a government doing things that they themselves have no right to do. Don’t like the way a private company runs their site? Let’s get government to go in and strong arm them into doing things they way YOU want them done! It is complete and utter bullshit, and that is NOT what freedom is. You DO NOT have the right to tell Google how to run their company, so the idea that you can get someone else to do it for you is fucking ludicrous.

  • Shawn Prather

    I understand your need to find alternative places to host our videos, but for now, YouTube is the “norm” and you need to stick it out here as long as possible. This is where you will hopefully catch new viewers who are still asleep. Those that follow you to the alternative sites are already awake.

  • mediahound

    I was going to share this until I saw the bit about saving Net Neutrality. I’m having a hard time understanding why PFT is promoting government (American? EU? UN?) control of the Interwebz. First PFT video I didn’t share …

  • Merlin Krisp

    I had my account taken down for leaving a comment that I don’t think was harmful to anyone? I was shocked that it was taken down I don’t say hurtful things about anyone but still I was silenced?

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