Biometrics & The TSA In Your Car?! This Is Going Too Far!!

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  • anothaview

    Worry about your car instead of Israhell fake jews in your Government, see the distractional bullshit from jewtube shills.

  • Rick Hawk Davison

    Sad to say but smart tech didn’t invade, people ate it up, they sleep in tents for the next IPhones. People bitch in the queue to the slaughter house. Tag em and bag em. Hey! I heard toe tags are biometric also, fast track to the crematoriums.

  • RESET1776

    Best part is that it wont take long until someone cry’s that the system is only for the rich & demands equality in the form of requiring retro fit systems for older cars!

  • Golden Apple

    And remember, when the all seeing eye is in your car you wont be able to make youtube videos while driving, it might, just might be considered as irresponsible and dangerous as talking on your cell phone while driving.

    Just sayin, with rights come responsibilities, so think of what you are displaying to a generation who are already thoroughly addicted to their phones to the point where they cause accidents and kill.

  • believe it

    Boycott Ford / Lincoln / Mercury and all the other motor cos who are a part of them. Will people? probably not. And if all the common people do, the globalistic goons will buy them. AND if they have no customers and belly up…well, hey! the govt will bail em out with our money. LOL.

  • Bryce Oliver

    Dan! The bitcoin is PART of that Orwellian future! Stop and think about it, and dig a little deeper in your research… I can’t help but think you are making some money pushing it.. you need to back up a bit cause you are one of the only Canadian channels that have even the slightest clue..

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