Blind Cannabis Activist DESTROYS Trudeau’s Marijuana Legalization Platform! (Steven Stairs)

Josh Sigurdson talks to Steven Stairs, the Winnipeg 420 organizer and blind medical cannabis activist about Justin Trudeau’s prohibition part 2, also known as Canada’s “legalization of marijuana” set to take effect in 2018.
The Federal government plans to legalize marijuana soon before the next election in 2018. The plan includes stiffer penalties under the guise of freedom. The market will be largely taken over by the government as a giant cash grab, much like prohibition has been for decades. This will push the small businesses out of the market and monopolize massive government industry.
Oh yeah… Did we mention police plan to do roadside saliva tests which would include DNA collection? Talk about Orwellian.

As Steven Stairs says, Justin Trudeau hijacked the movement. Let us hope that going into the future, people don’t simply stand down apathetically thinking the job has been done as the government continues to crack down on individual freedoms.

While Steven is a Green Party member and past candidate, we at WAM do not publicly support any parties, but we certainly aren’t going to censor a message by a passionate individual who has fought for years to ensure his rights and the rights of future generations to do what they please with their own body without the government ruining their lives.

Stay tuned for more video from Winnipeg’s 420, 2017 event and march!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Steven Stairs
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Scott Leckie

    Sorry to say, but Steven got it wrong: Trudeau wasn’t raised by his father and he “hijacked” the movement out from under you on purpose.  He’s a globalist/politician.  It’s what they do: lie, steal and cheat for your naïve votes.

  • World Alternative Media

    Just a clarification in case you missed the description, we at WAM are in no way supporting the Green Party. We are libertarians so of course that wouldn’t make much sense, would it?
    We are simply letting someone make their point, out of passion, following years of fighting this fight for one of the many individual liberties swiped out from under individuals and then given back at a price.
    ~ Josh

  • steven m.

    “sick” most smokers dont have cancers . and that should be the only reason to smoke it.
    i voted green and still dont support legalization

  • TinMan 1325

    Legalizing marijuana will only lead to people thinking it’s safe – it isn’t, it’s a drug. I don’t care if people smoke it but people really need to stop saying “oh but it’s natural tho”. H2S, along with a bunch of other things on this planet are natural, but that doesn’t mean it won’t harm your body.

    Anyways, Trudeau is an idiot and I’m really hoping he loses next election

  • Jack Campbell

    If this became legal it would put a bad hurting on the oil companies , you can do everything < replace plastic,s make auto parts , cloths ext ext .

  • 79tazman

    Trudeau is a liar I would rather have weed illegal fuck Trudeaus bullshit I did not vote for the piece of shit because I knew it was all BS and even if it does get to be legal it will be only the bunk kind the government sells and that shit don’t even get you high after a gram or two and the way he is going to tax us to death and make Canada unsafe with all the unvetted illegals walking into Canada from the USA saying they are Refugees is just bullshit all he cares about is that people vote for him and he hooked some big fish with his BS Trudeau is a piece of shit and he will always be a piece of shit

  • cassanoa

    thudeau is an asshole but if you smoke pot and it floats into my face – my fist will float into yours – i dont give a fuck if you want to get high – do it in the privacy of your home and out of my face – what about the rights of the vast majority of Canadians – dont they count ?

  • serfer5rogers

    what the hell do you expect when you have some one like Bill Blair in charge of legalization, what pisses me off about all this is it will re-criminalize cannabis and net more raids and convictions of non violent Canadians. I think a lot of people will be hurt by this. but that is what i guessed would happen with Blair .

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