SJW & Black Twitter Tools! Keaton Jones vs The Left!

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You can always count on social justice warriors to ruin a good thing! A viral video recently surfaced showing a young boy crying while explaining to his mom what the bullies at school were doing to him! The internet reacted at first with sympathy and love but that quickly turned to anger and mistrust when photo’s of Keaton’s mom posing with a confederate flag was allegedly posted to facebook. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth makes the point that two wrongs don’t make a right and what is happening to Keaton on twitter right now is a grave injustice being carried out by the SJW crowd

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  • TheBlackSpaniard

    Honestly who gives a damn. There’s more important issues at hand. People need to focus on their own business. That little kid needs to grow a pair and the SJWs should piss off. Bullying is just human nature and a way to prepare for the real world. I was bullied, mainly because of my skin color and for being short. I’d come home everyday crying to my parents until one day my dad had enough. He threatened to take all of my video games and sell them(haloCE on xbox bruh shit was lit) if I wasnt willing to defend myself. Next day at school I was fucking ready to scrap. Unfortunately I got destroyed for the first few days but they eventually stopped harassing me and even started respecting me. Surprisingly made friends with some too.

  • Rusty Maverick

    Joe Schilling professional kickboxer MMA dude reached out to mother of Keatom to invite them to a Bellator MMA fight event and the mother told Joe she only wants money donation to the donate page she set up. She said she needed money for Christmas cuz she singe parent broke blah blah blah. I feel for the kid, he is screwed.

  • mikecorbeil

    Definitely a very sad situation all of this story is about! Even if the young lad`s mother is racist, the child is a child and definitely shouldn`t be held responsible for his parents`s biases. while he should also be additionally receiving empathy or at least sympathy; iow, humane understanding and help. The video shows an image of his mother holding up a US Confederate flag but doesn`t say what he did in this regard; and, I`m not sure if being Confederate necessarily equates to being racist. Maybe it does, but I`m not yet aware of this; and, if not mistaken, then I think to recall having seen videos or images of even “black” Americans who supported Confederacy. Anyway, crazy society this is about; crazy and too often unjust, insane, inhumane, etc.; and with that lack of humanity we have what? Well, we`ll often find hypocrisy anyway. Just a guess, but maybe his mother held up the Confederate flag only as an expression against bs Washington as it has too long been, but while not with respect to racism, f.e. Has anyone asked the mother about this, I wonder. Anyway, children shouldn`t be made to suffer injustice, and adults who act otherwise should be ashamed as well as shamed.

  • Drew Blak

    All that is news to me let me be clear. I felt really bad for the child when I first saw this video, but how ironic it would be a racist crying wolf meaning the Mother as she recorded it.  The child only knows what he’s taught so I’m not blaming him.

  • IWroteThis

    Lots of videos out there of black people taunting assaulting robbing disabled people not to mention the pandemic of black on senior robberies and murders. They keep denying it and say “whites do it to”. True, but pretty random not chronic like the daily crimes down in the states.
    Those kids who kidnapped and tortured the mentally disabled kid for two days, making him drink toilet water, cutting, beating and screaming at him, just got 200hrs of community service!

  • Inf7cted

    Don’t make the black kids angry…. Seems to follow a black line of ignorance. White = evil. Blacks must consume evil with black racism and violence. And so the world keeps on falling into a pathetic song of idiocy, in the name of Social Justice Ignorance.

  • Yolanda Simone

    This all seems manufactured to me. A distraction from what’s really going on in the world. If he’s really being bullied that’s sad but nothing new and it wouldn’t be the first time a child has been used as a propaganda tool. Just another means to divide and conquer and fan the flames of us versus them. People are too gullible and aren’t aware how they are being set up. A hefty dose of scepticism is in order. Once celebrities get involved and yes that includes the UFC it should make you question the motives behind it. The dumbing down of the population is in full effect and anyone with any sense left should not get pulled into it. Once emotions get involved it overrides logic. This has been proven and is a well used tool/trick used by the mainstream media. It appears to me that this is another example being used/employed here.

  • Dee lunarfox

    Getting angry at a convoy flag from a past war which has absolutely nothing to do with current the timeline shows you which people have been socially engineered to be a road block.

  • j0ey725

    Fuck u bitch its always two wrongs dont make it right when it comes to black people clapping back. Blacks it time to mobilize

  • Return of Zeus

    There are paramilitary elements inside the United States military or private militaries involved with human trafficking, drug trafficking, assassinations, and persecution. DynCorp was in contract with the Department of Defense while it was investigated for human sex trafficking including the trafficking of children in Bosnia. Several employees including Ben Johnston and Kathryn Bolkovac a UN official were fired during this investigation. It has also been reported that dozens of employees at the Department of Defense were caught with thousands of images of child pornography on their computers. Blackwater is another private military company that has been in contract with the DOD and involved in criminal activities like murdering Iraqi civilians. Joseph Schmitz was a top executive for Blackwater now renamed Academi and was Inspector General for the Department of Defense under the Bush Administration. While Inspector General he investigated human trafficking which produced no results and later resigned. Joseph Schmitz is a Roman Knight of Malta, worked as a professor at Jesuit Georgetown, and also worked as an adviser for Donald Trump during the election. They put corrupt individuals like Joseph Schmitz in high level positions of power to protect their criminal interests. The Department of Defense produced no results investigating human trafficking under Joseph Schmitz because he worked for human traffickers. George Bush Sr. was also linked with the Franklin Cover Up which was a child sex trafficking ring involving various US politicians. The human trafficking networks are at the ports, borders, and being run by mafia and paramilitary along with corrupt police involved with Freemasonry and the Knights of Columbus.

    The Bush family used the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for recruiting members of their paramilitary Skull and Bones death squad which operates inside the United States involved with assassinations, persecution, and human trafficking. Skull and Bones is a common symbol used by various militaries and represents death. Initiates are initiated during times of war by murdering innocent people similar to gang initiations. The Skull and Bones secret society is located at Yale in New Haven Connecticut and is a top military council ran by the Bush family and their high level associates. The Bush family were involved with hiring a paramilitary hitman to attempt to murder me in a staged robbery gone wrong a few years ago however I was armed. Also located in New Haven Connecticut is the headquarters of the Knights of Columbus which have infiltrated the police department there. The Italian Mafia also have a presence in New Haven and there is a human trafficking operation going on at the ports. I have received several death threats regarding this information. I am aware of a US Marine named Alex Alvarez located in Watertown Connecticut not too far from New Haven and he is initiated into the Skull and Bones death squad and assists in this human trafficking network and with intimidation and assassinations involved in covering it up. The Bush family also have female death soldiers like a young woman and child murderer named Ashley Esther Dalene who is a member of the US military and involved in gang stalking, torture, murder, and child sacrifice. She lives in Bethel Connecticut right next to Greenwich where the Bush family have a residence. Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece worked for Charles R. Weber, a ship-brokerage firm located in Greenwich, Connecticut which works with the mafia and port authorities. The New World Order is all about enslavement for the purpose of human trafficking.

  • 2eelShmeal

    So how do we know that this kid called the others niggers? Is that just being assumed based on the mom, is it being asserted by the kids who were the supposed objects of that slur, or is it on video? That’s something I need to know before forming an opinion.

  • clarence elliott

    nappy took his condolences back and fat ugly welfare witch showed her retarded uneducated racist fool face . i bet those two have more than 1 Obama phone and on public assistance and have subsisted housing and they never pick up their trash they have hauled off for free which is blowing all over their neighbor hood or mow their grass .These scum people are in everyone’s faces and this is how they act

  • Peace and Tranquility

    First time I have ranted on a forum like this… But come on where does the line get drawn???? This sjw mentality is just straight up twisted. ?

  • S Richbell

    I saw the Rebel Jones video and it was disgusting vile racism on her part .
    The comments are vile and shows their is more racism coming from the black community than the white community.

    What ever the mother has done it’s not the kids fault and he is suffering .

    I just see just a lot of jealously and hatred coming from the left and black community because the boy is white and it shows how hypercritical these communities are.

  • Barney Fife

    I am just shaking my head wondering what on earth has happened to people who have gone so far as to believe a flag determines who is and who is not racist.  I have never in my life seen such ignorance in my life.  What happened to compassion?  What happened to empathy?  Would those very loving and understanding people who turned against this child over a flag want people to treat them that way?  When this country is destroyed and those awful people look for help; they will not find it.  God remembers how they acted and He will not send anyone to help them.

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