Did A Cartoon Mouse Just Kill The Internet? Disney Buys Fox As Net Neutrality Vote Looms

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A new internet completely different from how we know it today may be just around the corner! If the regulators get their way the internet will soon be turned into something that more resembles cable tv! The timing of Disney’s acquisition is questionable to say the least. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down what can be expected should net neutrality actually succeed.

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  • AndreNickatlna

    Look at who holds majority shares in these corporations, that’s the real threat. The corporations are just proxy’s for the elite.

  • Shawn Jones

    Now when you confront jews and liberals about jewish takeover of all america and its media they have nothing to say. RestInPiss crypto jew Murdoch. Hang the other jews

  • Jesiah Mac

    You’re too late Dan. Those Murican idiots *did* in fact repeal net neutrality. And unfortunately, their general public is not intelligent enough to “vote with their dollars.” Look who they felt was the best representative to lead their country – they can’t be trusted to make correct decisions.

  • Eagle Vision

    Hmmmmmm….bio verification eye scanner coming? Mark of the beast RFID to trade crypto and use ATMs? Crypto sucking up loose cash? Confucius say: Man who abuse his computer get bad bytes!

  • adwhite804

    You think the correlation of the Simpsons “revelation” of fox being bought by Disney is purely coincidence??? Yeah no
    Great work again sir

  • VC

    Great work. I will be supporting you as much as I can but great job. We need more people like you as an ex and disgusted Government employee, I know how bad it is. Waking up was hard to do lol

  • Nerd Stain

    Dan, you’re absolutely wrong and if you had the technical chops to evaluate what is going on with ISPs you would reverse your opinion. You’re being a fucking idiot and I think you should take some time to talk to network engineers who work at these “evil” ISPs, you dumb fuck.

  • Hs Hs

    I was all for net neutrality (sounds good, doesn’t it?) until I learned that George Soros has spent millions to support it. If Soros wants something, it’s bad. The truth is “net neutrality” gives corporations unfettered ability to censor views they don’t like, just as we’ve been seeing.

  • Rocken Roller

    Funny how so many black peoples are waking to the fact they are being used as pawns of the Liberals and their Elitist puppet masters. Yet so many unshaven ‘’pseudo intellectual’ Liberal/Socialist/Communistic white idiots walking the planet still figure that that’ capitalists’ are right wingers and still keep drinking the Kool aid? the NWO feeds them! Go figure?

  • rudy verajr

    Wait u saying a Trump appointed sell out is going to ruin the net???? I’m shocked!!!! Lol they all sell out to big money

  • Stive Rosen

    Disney is satan. Founder walt disney was a card carrying nazi occultist. Why people let kids watch is the reason for easter bunny satan santa.

  • BewareThe Algorithm

    Reddit admin troll bots ? are all up in arms ? about NOT NEUTRALITY being flushed bleep blop blooop it’s wonderful ??

  • Praegender Entity

    More government? More taxes? More regulations and rules? More censorship? More restrictions? Less freedom of expression. Less chance of ever meeting someone you can relate to in a specific way. All for more ‘mind (masonic gloved mouse) control’. Yes, someone needs to create a new ‘internet’, but how TF is that even possible on the existing system? Every new car has to drive on the same roads as the old ones… and there’s those ‘tolls’ they are proposing everyone pays. New roads? What does that even look like?.. and where does someone build them? The only way out of this mess as I see it is Pineal gland internet… but that won’t happen over night. 35,500 years didn’t accomplish much already. I honestly think you’re screwed, humanity. You’re all going to fear and control yourselves into extinction over your own blindness and ‘differences’.

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