Ron Paul ATTACKED By The CATO Institute – Claims He’s Not A Libertarian

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent attacks on Dr. Ron Paul by the CATO Institute’s VP Brink Lindsey who has been claiming publicly that Ron Paul is a “hideous corruption of libertarian ideals.”
Lindsey has been a vocal supporter of war and a loud statist supporting globalist trade deals while claiming Ron Paul is a “conspiracy theorist” or being against governmental “free” trade.
Lindsey also went on a Twitter rant claiming Murray Rothbard created an “ugly illiberal streak” among libertarians before Ron Paul.
According to Brink Lindsey, Ron Paul is also a xenophobe.

The CATO Institute has been quickly losing its relevance in recent years due to their left wing take on libertarian ideas. By the socialist-libertarian standards of centuries ago, CATO may be libertarian, but certainly not by the small government, liberty minded ideals of the past hundred years.
Despite Lindsey’s claims that Ron Paul is equivalent to Trump, Lindsey’s rants are clearly unhinged and ridiculous.
Ron Paul doesn’t support globalist governmental trade agreements, therefor he support the libertarian viewpoint. Ron Paul does not support war and policing the world, therefor he supports the libertarian viewpoint. And this absurd notion that Ron Paul is a racist or xenophobe is based on someone else’s editorial in a newsletter in the early 1990s breaking down the stupidity of the rise of the SJW culture in the United States.
Ron Paul, we’re quite sure is proud to be called a conspiracy theorist as it’s the opposition’s response these days to anyone who questions the narrative. Critical, objective thought is one of the most important parts of breaking down information. He’s not just making things up neither. Dr. Paul has been vindicated over and over again for decades. His “What If” speech from 2002 is yet another example of this vindication.

Libertarianism and voluntaryism is on the rise and these establishment so-called libertarians are falling apart at the seams.

The CATO Institute’s days are over.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • CoinOlympics

    “It makes more sense for liberitarians to work with conservatives, then it does with communists and socialists” Damn fucking right!

  • Henrik Wallin

    Brink Lindsey?!? Sounds just like Lindsey Graham.

    That was one set of extremely crazy Tweets and shit. It’s like the Libertarian Stalin who liked a smaller government with only one party, and he allied with free countries by invading them. Not to mention that he embraced personal freedom by sending people to the less populated Siberia.

  • Kelvin Grabowsky

    Not to mention that absolute retard that was running for president in the last election, can’t remember his name because I choose not to remember that idiots name. That twat set back the libertarian movement 50 years. Was that planned? I think so.

  • kmg501

    This guy is either an idiot or a saboteur trying to further marginalize libertarian leaning people. Calling Ron Paul of all people those names expose this guy as a nut or a force for bad. No one on the entire planet has been as consistent and applied as Dr Paul has been. If I was a CATO donor I would pull my support immediately.

  • Cybernetĩc gsǖs

    //how dare they!?!?! i wouldnt even be a libertarian if not for rp circa 2006. ron paul is the quintessential libertarian

  • Joshua Phillips

    If this man represents the Cato institute accurately I am declaring all out intellectual war against the Cato institute. Why are they just now going after Ron Paul after all this time?

  • Kotone Shiinoha

    thanks for the video, what an outrageous bunch of claims. libertarians of all people need to be correct on foreign policy and oppose offensive wars with all their heart and and might and strength otherwise it undercuts their argument completely! thank God we have Dr Paul who fought very hard to preserve these ideas which the VP of Cato soldout on at the first sound of cash!

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