The Truth About The Drowning of Alan Kurdi, Syrian Refugees And The War Against ISIS (ISIL)

Alan Kurdi was a three-year-old Syrian boy of Kurdish ethnic background who made headlines around the world after being drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, as part of the Syrian refugee crisis. Photographs of the toddler’s body were taken by journalist Nilufer Demir and quickly spread around the world, prompting an international response. Because Kurdi’s family had been trying to reach Canada, his death as well as the refugee crisis quickly became an issue in the 2015 Canadian federal election.


Alan Kurdi. Retrieved from:

Alan Kurdi drowned off the shores of Turkey. His family was trying to reach Canada. Retrieved from:

Too risky to fund Syrian rebels, Canada says. Retrieved from:

ISIS Stole Some Shiny New Weapons From the Iraqi Army. Retrieved from:

Iraqi Prime Minister Says ISIS Seized 2,300 Humvees When It Took Mosul. Retrieved from:

About 29,000 children under the age of five –  21 each minute – die every day, mainly from preventable causes. Retrieved from:

During the last decade, it is estimated that child victims have included: 2 million killed; 4-5 million disabled; 12 million left homeless; more than 1 million orphaned or separated from their parents; some 10 million psychologically traumatized. Retrieved from:

Stephen Harper chokes up while speaking about photo of drowned migrant boy. Retrieved from:

“True Origins of ISIS”
“Canada supports rebels in Syria”
“ISIS steals US weapons from Iraqi Army”

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  • Brett Wood

    The Harper headline was translated wrong. We all know it was really meant
    to say “Steven Harper chokes on tears of joy as he witnesses Kissinger’s
    plans for a global future unfold” Gritty stuff bloke. Respect <3

  • michel joannette

    I am all for Syrian immigration……………….as long as I can go out
    with Syrian girl and have a beer and a bacon tomato sandwich……all the
    migrants that came to Canada mixed with each other …for your info muslim
    don’t….and never will….if a muslim change faith to marry a infidel well
    he or she is dead… the muslim faith apostasy is a crime punishable
    with death….check it out…so good fucken luck having a beer with a
    muslim girly

  • fujisaii

    If you want to combat ISIS where it hurts dry out their funding. ISIS
    receives large funding funneled through banks in Qatar and Kuwait, these
    countries are US/western allies and part of OPEC (even the mainstream media
    reports this ). Somehow the US deems itself helpless in sanctioning these
    countries. Israel and its US allies in the middle east, which also won’t
    take in any Syrian refugees (leaving that problem to Europe), want Syria
    taken out like they did Iraq, that’s why they don’t care how messy Syria
    becomes. Notice the bias in western media (which no one seems to question)
    of how Syrian insurgents are named “rebels” and not terrorists.
    The west only started combating ISIS as soon as ISIS started occupying the
    oil-rich northern Kurdish regions of Iraq.
    ISIS only seems to be rampaging the regions where chaos will benefit the
    western agenda, and Israel which constantly touts itself as an extremist
    target, is getting curiously no trouble from ISIS. Talk goes on the
    internet that the supposed Snowden revelations confirms a connection
    between the Mossad (originally named ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence
    Service) and ISIS leader Abu Bakr being a Mossad asset.
    In any case ISIS is not an Islamic organization. Comprised of mercenaries
    it funds itself by thuggery of all the worst sorts – not muslim behavior.
    In fact muslims in the middle east despise what ISIS is doing, if local
    militias in Iraq had not been removed during the preceding years, ISIS
    would not have had the succes in the country that it has.

    You suggest warring against ISIS hopefully my paragraph above will nuance
    your view even more before suggesting war as a solution to this problem. As
    you mentioned also war is a very profitable business especially for bankers
    lending money , that’s a big reason why there is so much war now and
    throughout history.

  • Pierre Combrink

    The Muslim invasion of Europe. They caught the whole world of guard.
    Unfortunately hundreds of people had to die for them to get the sympathy
    from the world. This was a well orchestrated plan to invade Europe without
    firing a single shot. You get the religious invaders like the Muslims and
    the Economic invaders like the Chinese. Long term plots that spans over
    generations to take over the world. They will never go back after the war
    ended. I wonder how they are going to turn this around ? Remember the
    Trojan Horse ? History in the making. WAKE UP WORLD !!!

  • onbradley

    Saudi Arabia has 100,000 empty, air-conditioned tents sitting unused while
    thousands of Syrian refugees continue to bake in overcrowded camps, but
    refuses to make them available. The news site TeleSur reports that the
    20-square-km tent city of Mina is used just a few days a year to provide
    beds for Hajj pilgrims and sits empty the rest of the year. It says the
    tents are laid out neatly, measure eight metres square, are fireproof,
    include a kitchen and bathroom, and could house three million people.
    According to the Brookings Institute, the wealthy Arab states of Saudi
    Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE have not taken a single refugee, while
    European countries struggle to deal with a flood in the hundreds of

    Muslims flee to the Christian West for mercy, shelter and compassion. There
    has never been a clearer sign of the absolute bankruptcy of Arab culture
    and total failure of Islam.

  • Proud Muslimah

    Excuse me,
    I understand what you are saying but what can we do those people don’t
    represent Islam so it’s up for us to help them those people from ISIS are
    inhuman they don’t have anything to do with Islam ….. Also if those
    people have a dead heart we go and ask people who have hearts to serve in
    social justice ok.. :)

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