Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about the most recent developments between the United States, China, Russia and North Korea as tensions continue to rise.
Following North Korea taking its third U.S. citizen prisoner, more U.S. warships are heading to the Korean Peninsula alongside Japanese warships as China has situated 150,000 troops around the North Korean border to possibly take in refugees if the U.S. strikes. There is also footage that appears to show Russian military on the northern border of North Korea.
Josh asks John, Cui Bono? Who benefits? As the global economy is set to crash inevitably, the monetary system needs a war to survive and that appears to be in the playbook for the United States.
Growth of the military industrial complex shows the continuation of nation building and destabilization.
North Korea can hardly afford to fuel fighter jets, nevermind strike the United States, though there is a threat they can hit South Korea, China or Japan. With that said, the true victims in this story are the citizens of North Korea who are incredibly subservient, and blowing them up will hardly solve the problem. We know that from a hundred years of destabilization by the west of countries throughout the middle east and South America.
There needs to be an infowar rather than a nuclear war. As so many North Koreans are waking up, knowledge will serve a far greater purpose than entangling in further destruction.
We will continue to report on North Korea as the story without a doubt will continue to develop.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

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