Why The Looming Government Shutdown Is Another Big Government Scam!

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen break down the absurdity of the so-called government shutdown. The looming shutdown comes as Republicans and Democrats fight over the ridiculous debt ceiling, Obamacare, the wall and other statist issues.
In this video, we talk about the need to actually end the state. A government shutdown simply consists of big government attempting to annoy people and inconvenience individuals under the guise of “no government.”
In 2013, we saw guards stopping veterans from looking at war memorials by putting police tape around the memorials and putting little 4 foot long fences by the entrance of national parks. It cost more money to pay the guards than it did to just leave the parks open.
On top of this stupidity, the IRS stops refunding people, all while continuing to steal from them.
This is nothing but a sham.
A real government shut down would mean an end to the state, free markets prevailing with the actual vote of the individual’s demand/dollar. Competition would be abundant. Innovation would be vast. The price of living would be cheaper and small businesses compete for the lowest prices and best products while hiring tons of new employees, rather than the state monopolizing industry and forcing the small businesses out of the market.
John Sneisen breaks down the absurdity of the debt ceiling and Josh breaks down the insanity of government in general, and the solutions we can learn from.
Will we see another so-called government shutdown under President Donald Trump? We will have to wait and see. Just know that it’s completely meaningless.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Daveyy

    I hope the prediction for a one world currency is true in 2018 and that the governement shut down is just the start of it

  • soapbxprod

    Tom DiLorenzo called it “The Washington Monument Syndrome”. I’m sorry, you two- but you’re not on the same level as the Mises scholars. I’m 57 and grew up in Manhattan, went to Fieldston… This is too rudimentary for me. Good luck, though.

  • Youdont Needtoknow

    what I personally don’t understand what will stop them from printing forever. Not to mention, we got a cashless society around the corner, once that happens its game over, why would they care to pay off any debts when it really is a number in a digital screen that they have full control of changing. why would the people they owe care when they fully know as well that its not worth shit.

    The only people that think its worth anything is the average Joe blow citizen that has confidence in this fiat bullshit and depend on it to survive. This will not go away.

    and as for gold and silver, I heard all these crazy predictions for it to sky rocket through the roof but honestly why would they let that ever happen especially when they control the whole price of it to begin with. the only thing they don’t have full control of is bitcoin but who knows they might even got that on lock behind the scenes.

    The only way I logically can see this changing is when the majority of us average joe blow citizens wake up and go “hey this shit I work for is worth nothing.” but honestly do you see that changing anytime soon? hell no.

    would I be crazy to think a crash will actually never come? I think they that would be the last thing they would want because yes some people will probably die or not know what to do with themselves, but I also think they are afraid of the chance of a bunch of people being forced to wake up and be self sustainable outside the system, therefore, they actually loose power. do you get what I’m saying here? not trying to be a troll.

    Just a thought, I’m curious what you guys think of that

  • Joe Mills

    Should governments be viewed as corporations? Also, should huge corporate monopolies like Google be viewed as public entities? (As opposed to being private) Where do we draw the line?

  • Joe Mills

    This has been a common theme throughout history, why is decentralization so unsustainable, why do these monopolies always form which centralize power? Banks and corporations have replaced the kings and queens of feudalism, these monopolies often have more power than the governments themselves, or even collude with governments to rule through proxy.

  • Marc Wright

    Josh your not necessarily ranting , myself I consider it speaking about these things with true passion , that’s why I believe in you and John so much . Many young Canadians seem to have very little insight to most topics you and John
    discuss on here , shame . They’re completely wrapped up in debt and diversion by design without realizing it .

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