No, We Do NOT Need Government! – Here’s WHY

Josh Sigurdson simply explains why government is entirely unnecessary and how it’s not only immoral but illogical as well.
People have been indoctrinated over time to depend on the state for everything. Starry glazed eyes of statism, as if a religion to worship. It’s been drilled into the brains of the populace through government schools and media for centuries. The fact of the matter is, good ideas do not require force. Individuals cannot claim a giant collective where 51% of the populace rules 49% of the populace is “consent” or “fair.” Individuals may rule themselves. Voluntary actions are far greater than cartel enforcement. Everything the government does, the free market can do better. Governance if private and voluntary is fine, but enforced and coercive? No. That is not okay.
Recently Josh has been arguing with Matt Allard, a City Councilor from Winnipeg Canada regarding timed parking tickets given out to residents for parking between 9 and 11am on weekdays. Absurdity is an understatement. According to the City Councilor, they have to pay the pirates that come and steal people’s money, so for that reason, they have to steal people’s money so they can pay them. Think about the mental gymnastics required to have such a government indoctrinated view.
If you don’t want a ticket, you need to get a permit, they say. A permit to park in front of your own house on a residential street that few people actually go down? Ridiculous.
Allard claimed that money wasn’t being stolen. Well that’s where you’re wrong kiddo!
Another man made bold claims regarding why we “need” government which Allard liked on Facebook. So Josh made a statement regarding why we do NOT need government which is the theme of this video.
Rule yourself folks. Collectivism begets collectivism and it will grow like a cancer for eternity.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • 10 Comm Media

    As long as helios is doctrine..the society under its influence and its promoters will be in control and this makes their necessity. Digital cryptographic bartering is their control mechanism for the next monetary paradigm. If u dont want their governance dissavow yourself with their teachings.

  • Monopoly ʎǝuoW

    How would you personally and realistically go about over throwing government? We can point out the fact that we don’t need a government and that they’re basically a mob until we’re red in the face, I understand that it could get your videos taken down but that’s the reality of what the people need to understand how to do IMO, What would that process look like to you? How would you go about this personally?

  • Thomas Silvey

    I would agree, Josh…. and also I don’t need political parties either. We all have things in common with each other. We want to eat, sleep and entertain without being told what to do or not to do, by an entity that frankly doesn’t care whether we live or die.

  • Stephen Williams

    Even Though your thoughts make lots of sense, there are certain battles that you cannot win, so to do battle with the powers that be is an exercise in futility. Your videos will not change the world. Just look at what they have done to Alex Jones, do you see anyone protesting? Hell no.

  • Joe Limon

    I find libertarianism to be idealistic. And a good goal to help reduce government waste. But ultimately I find it naive as well. I put it on par with socialism in this regard. Yes some government regulations can and are pushed by major corporations to screw over individuals. But this is not what laws are for. Laws are meant to protect the freedoms and liberties of the individual. Yes that includes the freedom to be free from a little government theft as possible. There are good government regulations and laws that do cost money. These are things like anti trust regulations and laws and criminal laws for law enforcement to keep the populace safe. In an anarcho capitalist society where everyone lives by the non aggression principal. It is the person/people willing to break the principal who will reign supreme. To me, we need some degree of law and order to prevent this exploitation. I am willing to listen to other ideas on how individuals are to be protected without making personal sacrifices by giving some of their freedom up to a government authority. So let me know.

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