The Severe Downplay of Andrew McLean’s Charter of Rights Violation by Saanich Police

The Severe Downplay of Andrew McLean’s Charter of Rights Violation by Saanich Police

Andrew McLean updates his story about his unlawful assault by the Saanich Police on 01-19-2016.

The Saanich police stated he was under suspicion and demanded he produce ID threatened to arrest him for obstruction of justice.

The officer produced a flashlight to obscure his face and refused to identify name and badge number.

Andrew was then assaulted and arrested.

Report finds unlawful arrest of Saanich man doesn’t amount to misconduct
A man who says he was unlawfully arrested by Saanich Police earlier this year is upset with an internal probe that found the officer didn’t commit misconduct – despite violating the man’s charter rights.

An internal police probe into an unlawful arrest of a Saanich man has found there was no misconduct by the arresting officer.
Saanich man Andrew Mclean filed a complaint with the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner (OPCC) back in January after he recorded a confrontation with a police officer.

Also, we are joined by Chris Shaw, UBC Professor, from Standing Rock, North Dakota, to discuss Day 2 of Veteran’s action there.
Standing Rock Supporters May Block Canadian Pipelines: Chief
PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man. — A Manitoba indigenous chief says there’s a desire for action — which could include blockades of Canadian pipelines and railways — in support of a protest against a North Dakota pipeline project.

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