As experts claim the Canadian dollar will hit 59 cents or less, there’s no sign it will stop falling. Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante) says 2016 will be a bloodbath. Legendary author G. Edward Griffin gives the dollar 2 years at the most until its inevitable collapse.
In this video, WAM’s Josh Sigurdson meets with economist and author John Sneisen to talk about the coming economic collapse and how experts are not telling the whole story. John Sneisen predicts that the Canadian dollar will hit half a cent in value and from there of course collapse.
As the worthless IOU paper money is printed and people lose confidence in the dollar, inflation rates become rapid and interest rates become more of a tax than anything as they hit negative numbers. As central banks and central economic planners plunge the dollar’s value in nearly every country in the world, the fact that the Canadian dollar is doing so much worse than the useless American FIAT dollar says a lot. As people lose confidence (rightly so) in the Canadian dollar, it will continue to plunge and we’ll see something similar to what happened in the Wiemar Republic back in 1923 Germany. We’re already seeing a mimic of what was happening in 2007 directly before the recession, but because of the build up of debt since, this crash will be far more dangerous.
Though, the idea still stands for some unknown (most likely economically illiterate) reason that if you keep trying to build on the dollar and save it as well as raise a debt ceiling of sorts, you’re going to save the dollar. This is untrue. Temporarily it can be saved, but only for it to crash even harder later on. We still have a temporary band-aid economic system from wartime that reigns over us as it’s centralized and pushes us all into debt slavery. Of course this is what the government wants and this is what the central banking cartel wants.
What we need to do is allow the system to collapse and build it up naturally as individuals and allow the free market which currently doesn’t exist to flourish as it has successfully in the past before being manhandled.
Since China printed the first IOU paper currency back in 1024, history has shown this method to be dangerous to a society and its people. It doesn’t work and never has for long periods of time. It has only led to debt, inflation and devaluation.

We thank John Sneisen for giving us this prediction and warning. He gave us solutions as well which have been proven to be sound for thousands of years.

You can find John Thore Stub Sneisen’s book “The End of Freedom: How Our Monetary System Enslaves Us” on Amazon! You can also find more of him at The Economic Truth. Check out Freedom Force International if you wish to get involved in an initiative fighting this collectivism!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

John Sneisen
Josh Sigurdson

Camera work:
John Doull

Graphics by Bryan Foerster

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