Venezuela’s Maduro Arms Loyalists To PURGE Opposition! – THIS Is Why The Second Amendment Exists!

Josh Sigurdson reports as Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s socialist dictator arms his loyalists in the Bolivarian Militia to purge opposition.
In recent months, Maduro has had his opposition in government imprisoned, while millions hit the streets and riot. The people of Venezuela have been forced into bread lines as hyperinflation grips the country due to massive currency printing, devaluation and debt.
While people a few years ago were flocking to Venezuela, people are now desperately attempting to leave the country, but are unable to leave due to the government’s alleged inability to print passports.
For these reasons among many more, THIS is why individuals should arm themselves. Not just because it’s a “constitutional right” but because it’s an individual right intrinsic within. To be able to defend themselves against whatever threat comes their way, whether foreign or domestic.
When governments are arming militias to kill opposition, this shows the importance in being able to defend oneself.
Meanwhile, gun control is rampant in Venezuela, leading to massive crime rates, murder, kidnapping and theft. How many times does history have to repeat itself before people wake up?

Stay tuned to WAM for further updates!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Kate Catinella

    BS! Venezuela is Standing Rock and Syria. CIA and deep state wants their oil as well. The people of Venezuela that I speak to says this is a false flag. Venezuela has free healthcare and education and do not use petrodollar. This is disinformation propaganda is backed by the US. The people say they live very well. Al jazerra owned by Qatar are also spreading this disinformation crap. And we know what Qatar supports – ISIS and Al-Qaeda

  • automaticmusicm

    Where is the CBC in all of this  ?  … DISGUSTING !!!!!!      They are complicit in ignoring this evil

  • Joe Mills

    The VERY and CLEAR and OBVIOUS cash removers! Citizens absolutely MUST have strong GUNS are grow HIGH-CALORIE crops like Avocado and Potato! Metals mean nothing without calories and gold!

  • Nobodi Jones

    America does a similar thing, except all citizens are already enrolled. It’s showing up and playing a part that counts.

  • MagnaYu

    Josh, you are a classic example of a bipolar personality…or you cannot see the big picture well. Maduro is ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-GLOBALIST, ANTI-NEOLIBERAL CAPITALIST, ANTI-everything that is a threat to the humanity and the civilization! You cannot place him and the sicko american Zionist neoliberal scumbags in the same bag! Socialism is NOT as bad as the neoliberal capitalism of USA type is, and Socialism has its crises, but not as painful as the psycho american wild capitalism! The trouble in Venezuela is coming more from USA and its cartels than from Maduro himself. You seem like still don’t understand that Socialism is MUCH more compatible with Social-democracy than any capitalism! Wake up dude! I am un-liking you here and on FB until you decide which cause you’re fighting for and which one against!

  • RU12

    I hope all you  supporters for free college are paying attention. Venezuela is Bernie’s World. This is the way of socialism. Next? Communism.

  • Xirus XI

    Looks like Venezuela is handling gun ownership the same way the USSA handles that and employment.

    I wonder how long until one of Maduro’s friends comes out as “opposition” and scapegoats Colombia and proposes new elections and a socialist border wall program.
    #MVGA #BuildTheWall #NationalSocialismForAll #WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong

  • watcher on the wall

    if you go a little farther down the rabbit hole you will find that the us ousted the last president and put that puppet maduro in there and it was all about oil and stealing the countries gold which was given to germany

  • No Fix

    The people of Venuzualia have had enough – they demand the government take care of them better!!! They demand better socialism. lol.

  • Ric Og

    I like the way you (the narrator) uses wording for certain points, and highlights aspects of important rights. For example, there is an “intrinsic right to defend” one’s self even outside of the state (influence or regulation) and other good points are raised. However, I would you slow down on certain phrases or putt longer gaps between certain words or sentences. It is good to see more independent reporters and commentary, especially on situations that often do not get much coverage like the odd situation in Venezuela. Likewise, it would be good to find out more in-depth news on what is occurring on Mexico’s real daily life, which also many of the main media outlets barely even cover.

  • astroboy royale

    Maduro isn’t a dictator, he was elected in a democratic election. Get your facts straight. The opposition party is financed by US forces which are also causing the economic collapse of the country. They don’t want his fair economic reforms which have nothing to do with socialism to succeed. They want the countries’ oil. You sound like a psychopathic totalitarian yourself, I’m unsubscribing.

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