Are You Transgender? Mental Health “Expert” Exposed!

The Transition Channel run by Alexis Ungerer is in need of being exposed so in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth separates the facts from the all out lies coming from this mental health “expert”. Patreon ➜
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  • Culty Culty Cult Cult

    Fancy telling someone who is making the biggest decision of their entire life that if they think things through thoroughly and do it when/if it feels right, they are making excuses. Unbelievable. What a stupid backwards terrible crazy predatory bitch. I’m actually pretty pissed off and I’ve only watched one minute and eight seconds of the video!!!!!!!!!

  • Peace and Tranquility

    What are the qualifications this woman? has acquired?? Encouraging people to make impulsive decisions on something very life altering is very SOCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE and PROFESSIONALLY unethical. Serious decision making requires serious thinking!! Is this ? on crack?? This is just straight up propaganda.

  • Led Queen

    This woman…….LGBTQ….ABCDEFG…HIJK…..LMNOP….QRS…..TUV….WX…Y AND FUCKEN ZZZZZZ! Off her rocker….My son told me today he watched a Transgender video in his first 2 periods in grade 8 TDSB. When I askedif he liked the video….he responded I wasn’t paying attention….cuz it was HOLLYWOOD BS…..He is 13 years old and I actually agreed! For once I praised him for NOT paying attention in school…the irony……

  • c starr

    That is horribly and sad, she should not have a license. No one during puberty, omg should be making a decision like that. All she cares about is cash not anyone’s child as well its a known fact that people that are gay suffer from a mental disorder, I know that might sound mean to some but its a fact. God dose not make mistakes, remember that. God Bless

  • katnip2u

    Weaponized (trans)sexuality cannot exist without us. Some children we may have lost, but there is still time… Make sure your kids don’t see this shtt !

  • davet11

    Somebody called Dan Dicks telling people what they should do with their dicks.

    What a hate filled little troll he turned out to be – it’s precisely because of lack of empathy, support and ridicule from twats like you “Dan Dicks” that almost half commit suicide. These people need all the support they can get and you would push them back into the dark ages of a life of self loathing rather than give them hope. You really should be ashamed of yourself, open your heart and mind just a little and learn a little empathy.

    That’s enough for me…bye bye and unsubscribe. You can all have your little hate filled support group that press for truth has become.

  • Alaric Holmes

    Your channel’s work re: 9/11 is commendable, but this is just bigotry dressed up in strawman arguments and mental health ignorance, most likely of a religious foundation.

    Also, your trigger warning at the beginning was amusing. Did you consider that perhaps her video triggered you because you’re a bigot?

    Obviously, if you’re comfortable with the gender into which you were born, these videos aren’t for you. Despite your paranoid delusions, she’s not trying to get *you* to transition. Go do something worthwhile.

  • Peace and Tranquility

    I want to be trans… but Im not sure if I can handle it if I change my mind after. Hmmmmm… just an excuse. Well since sex ed and the education of sexual pleasure being put upon 5th grade children by planned parenthood… perhaps the confusion will be replaced with impulsivity…WHERE ANYTHING GOES!!
    WOW!! LOL!! I guess you werent kidding when you put a trigger warning at the beginning of this!

  • danny thom

    I can’t believe the university’s now, they are so pathetic ,$100 000 grand to learn how to be a retarded moron. these so called educated people are not only wrong they are a threat to the well being of many who just don’t know any better. love the work you do press for truth keep it up, many people now are starting to see just how fucked this world is and that it is being systematically screwed with.

  • salvee Luna

    don’t be surprised ppl the Bible said this would happen … the days of Noah …. modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and we all know how they ended up

  • Gaelen Gerard

    My daughter is 7 in grade two and has a boy in her class who was a girl last year. That’s right, transitioned in grade two. How do they know when they are only 7?

  • Andy Mac Kay

    She’s brainwashed by big Pharma. There’s a lot of money to be gained in transforming people and in playing with people’s minds…

  • LadyCatriona22

    I hear strong manipulation words aimed at very young people. This is emotional abuse! Quack? Sensationalist behaviour that needs to be halted.

  • Gabriel Wimmershoff

    She seems a bit off, a little flakey, her voice is irritating! Poor girl God help her see the error of her ways!
    What’s really needed are therapists that help transgender realize why they are messed up in the first place.

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