HOPE RESTORED – Paul Hellyer Sept 2018 – Action Plan for Americans to Take Back Control of America

REUSE ALLOWED AND WELCOMED. PLEASE SHARE, DOWNLOAD AND UPLOAD TO YOUR CHANNEL AND HELP SPREAD THIS MESSAGE. This video is a comprehensive and startling public address to Americans and the world from long time politician and senior Canadian cabinet minister Paul Hellyer. “The Potential Miracle Can only Happen from the Bottom Up. There is no way that America can be saved for Americans if you expect the miracle to begin at the top. It will only happen if many millions of ordinary Americans are sufficiently motivated to save their country from the fascists. They MUST contact the president, their Congressman or Congresswoman and their Senator, if he or she is one of the 35 up for re-election, and say to each one of them: We will vote against you, regardless of party affiliation, if you don’t initiate and enact the agenda set out in this video before the election. Promises of action after the election won’t do. Only action now will earn you my vote because it is the survival of my country as an independent entity that is at stake.” Hon. Paul Hellyer, September 2018

An Action Plan for Americans to Take Back Control of America
1. Shut down the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
2. Shut down the NSA (National Security Agency)
3. Shut down DARPA )Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
4. Nationalize the Federal Reserve
5. Cease and desist the use of Chemtrails
6. Ground Space Command
7. Ban Automatic Rifles Except for the Military

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