ONE THIRD Of Millennials Live With Their Parents! – Why This Is Bad For Everyone

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the dependence millennials have on the government and banking system as one third live with their parents, mostly baby boomers who are also facing a vast debt crisis.
We see public school indoctrination camps teaching kids to be dependent rather than independent and it carries on into university and college and the results are stunning considering the number of kids above 18 years of age that still live with their parents.
1 in 5 households surveyed said their adult children lived with them for more than half a decade. Almost 3 in 5 parents with kids 18 and older (59%) have had adult children living with them for more than a year; over 1 in 5 (23%) have had adult children living with them for more than five years. On average, these parents say the longest period of time they have had their adult children living with them is 4.5 years according to Zero Hedge.
From student loan debt to lack of initiative, we are seeing the dependence of millennials grow in leaps and bounds and no one seems to bat an eye. This is to incredible detriment to baby boomers who are the biggest spenders into the economy and are seeing a debt crisis unfold before them. About 23% of these baby boomers expect their kids to take care of them after retirement.
56% of parents of millennials 18 or older provide groceries for their kids. 40% provide health insurance. 21% rent. 39% cell phone bills. 34% car insurance. 32% clothing. 20% entertainment. 10% have allowances. 10% have car loans. This is ridiculous!

Parents on average would save $227,000 USD if they weren’t spending so much money on their kids.

With massive pension shortfalls, it’s very unlikely millennials will see a pension. So the point of this video is to explain the importance of self sustainability and financial responsibility outside the banking system which is currently being crippled through centralized and artificial manipulation. The banking system and the government craves dependence and debt which is why individuals need to break free from that system and provide for themselves. This trend needs to be broken and people must strive for more. This is the inevitable end of a debt based culture of lemmings begging for help from the all powerful state and banking system.

Stay tuned as we continue to talk about this crucial issue.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Deb Holtz

    Gov doesn’t want us to save to retire…spend spend spend on ourselves and kids! Just another way to take more middle class money!

  • Steel Briar

    My parents made it very clear to me by the time I was 12, that I could not expect any support from them. I went out and found a job. Later I joined the Army. Later I got a good job which I’m still working at, 43 years later. I bought a house and I’m still supporting myself. When they died, the only thing I felt was relief. Kids are an Albatross around your neck and I never spawned any. I enjoy my solitude.

  • TheLWebb100

    Not all millennials are dependent bums, you guys are dumb as fuck. There AREN’T enough good paying jobs for people to survive on, you dumb idiots!

  • J J

    1) Cost more to live.
    2) Student loans. Most jobs gained since recession went to college graduates!
    3) Less jobs due to outsourcing, automation, and intense competition.
    4) Older people are retiring late and keeping jobs that should be going to younger people. For example, an old lady at my workplace is living paycheck to paycheck, so she keeps her job…a job that should be going to at young woman in her early 20s.

  • royce davis

    Only one obstacle stands in the way of making all nations (except for Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia) third-world, subservient beggars: the Republic of the USA. But the Republic is no longer what was originally birthed, for it has been diluted by Marxism & Communism to where only one bulwark remains, although in tatters: The Second Amendment. The 2nd A is being attacked by all the forces of treason. Hitler’s Revenge has taken over those nations that defeated Germany’s Nazism and Japan’s Imperialism which kept the whole world from becoming nearly completely annihilated and enslaved. Canada has an enemy of individual freedom and liberty controlling all of its government as does Australia, UK, Sweden, NZ, Norway and the Netherlands. Josh and John continue wringing their hands and scratching their heads, not willing to admit that Hitler’s Revenge controls all nations except for the Self-Preserving, Immensely Powerful China and Russia. The Titular King of Hitler’s Revenge is the United Nations. USA citizens are being murdered and disappeared whenever they stand up for a non-existent Constitution/Bill of Rights. Roy Moore of AL is a good example of evil destroying righteousness. Robert LeVoy Finicum is how righteousness is being slaughtered within the now ‘nation of abomination that causes desolation’. Hitler’s Revenge is dominating those nations who helped the Allies win WW2 and will succeed in their destruction but will not be able to thwart the advancement of China and Russia.

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