This Mystery Germ Is An “Urgent Threat” And Resistant To Antibiotics!

This germ is sweeping the globe but authorities are keeping everything very hush-hush.

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  • RedEyeRecords H

    Perhaps if you knew more about a tincture of bay leaves to use to fight Candida naturally, or a soup, or suck and chew but not swallow the bayleaf, then the nasties could be fought. Unfortunately knowing takes effort, and you are all too lazy to even pronounce “abdominal” correctly.

  • Hoodoo Dino

    Goldenseal as a natural antibiotic has such a complex chemistry that these bacteria and viruses cannot mutate to overcome its effectiveness… Everyone should have a big stash of Goldenseal and take note that you must treat it just like other antibiotics and it will defeat the activity of your acidophilus and other good bacteria in your body so study up before you begin to take it… Do not use chlorine or chemicals from insource to kill bacteria but use food grade hydrogen peroxide to perform this function for you cleanse your countertops etc etc you can vaporize food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted to 1% with tea tree oil and or eucalyptus to kill bacterial infections in your lungs… You can bathe in it as its orbit through your skin and oxygenate your blood increasing your immune resistance as well… Study up folks

  • --cLAsic--

    Hey wait a minute Doesn’t Bill Gates own some deadly viruses and didn’t Bill say the Earth has to reduce
    the population of Humans living on it?

  • Christine Petrasso

    How the hell do we know all the people supposedly studying this stuff, didn’t get into medical research school through a side door?! If they are calling candida anything other than the fungus, makes you wonder…

  • Susan Blood

    Candida & fungal infections are usually opportunistic and do sometimes proliferate after use of antibiotics. We have so foolishly over used these drugs – mostly in food supply as you point out. The bacterial resistance in things like staph are horrifying. When I did lab internship MRSA (methicillin resistant staph) was so rare we used to put samples of it in tubes & # and save in special freezer in the VA. Now it is commonplace and many people are carriers. I fear the same or possibly worse result from over use of vaccines.
    If overuse or improper use of vaccines weakens the immune system and possibly even hastens bacterial or viral mutations as I believe to be possible people will get more of these opportunistic infections.
    You can BET if pharma had any hope of making a vaccine for this they & their media would be fear mongering.
    Appreciate your report – will have to look into this further if possible.

  • ThomasTamaOnDrums

    Find it ironic but you guys have based your foundation on being alternative news and shunning the mainstream sometimes called the lamestream media but you’re taking the CDC seriously there is not an antibiotic problem there is a solution and they know what it is and I know what it is yet you’re believing them if I told you you wouldn’t believe me as I’m finding it in my personal world good luck

  • Liberty Cat

    I once had a wise doctor that wouldn’t push antibiotics on me. I am prone to sinus infections and he would tell me what to look for when I needed them. I think it was yellow or green boogers…lol. I found daily probiotics, with a prebiotic, actually help me. I take Colloidal Silver, when I do get a sinus infection. I put some in a nasal spray thing. They have the cough drops but I hate the taste of them, even with the flavor.

  • Immanuel Kant

    Or it’s a bullshit front to cover for the diseases they make and put in vaccinations. Antibiotics are not overused. They’re great

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