Watch Trump Kick CBS Reporter Out Of Oval Office Following Surveillance Question – “That’s Enough”

Following a clip of Donald Trump kicking a CBS reporter out of the oval office for asking the same question regarding the Obama administration’s surveillance of Trump, Josh Sigurdson and author John Sneisen break down the further concerns regarding privacy rights, an instrumental liberty.
From Wikileaks Vault 7, the countless incredible leaks by Wikileaks, to Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks, these were incredibly important exposures of the vast surveillance state that currently exists in the United States and elsewhere.
Despite Donald Trump’s praise of Wikileaks and Julian Assange during the election, his new CIA director is claiming his number one priority is to imprison both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. This is a horrifying development.
John Sneisen breaks down his experience in the surveillance industry and Josh explains the crucial liberties we lose when we are being watched 24/7 as well as the need for decentralization on all levels.
We cannot forget that the monetary system is also pushing their centrally planned cashless society at a global level with the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) world currency which flies in the face of privacy as all transactions are tracked by the banks.

We will continue to update you on this subject. Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • 1966Hemi426

    When President Trump uses the term “Fake News” it’s like a throat punch to the main stream media. It’s brilliant. ? I love watching them panic as they’re exposed.

  • BiddieTube

    People are voluntarily putting themselves in prison, and they love it. They will kill oneanother on black friday to get a spy tv, and other spy on them devices. They can’t wait to get the newest spy on me smart phone, etc. And they absolutely obviously have the option tot to have these. Landlines are available everywhere in USA, you do not need a spy tv, you do not need a tv period because the only thing on a tv is propaganda. Just a couple examples, the list is nearly endless.

  • No Fix

    Ugh, these big media sleezy outlets are awful. CBC and their propaganda and destructive idiologies turn my stomach.

  • Ngobamakosi

    The laugh on his face as he turns and walks away is priceless. It’s like he’s thinking to himself, I just interviewed a complete delusional idiot and he’s the President of The United States.

  • jlpolcat13

    Cbs and every other news agency has not published the truth about Obamas actions a illegal immigrant muslim brotherhood homosexual and a transgender man as accomplice for falsifying birth certificate and citizenship document records imposters impersonating a elected official of the highest elected position of America who gave trillions of dollars to muslim brotherhood and brought malicious fraudulent acts against America and Humanity around the world. Even when the truths were out about Obamas the leftist news agency’s wouldn’t print the news. About Obamas under ground government trying to get President Trump out of office with george soros money pushing all the riots and marches against President Trump. The leftist news media wouldn’t investigate all the congress and senate that george soros has on his payroll and still does . Waters , mc Cain , Paul Ryan, Cummings, warren, pelosi, even in the fbi and cia al the truths being pushed under the carpets to print far leftist lies and propaganda. SEMPER FIDELIS

  • enator71

    pinwheel trump. scoffs at FBI then praise it for Hillary investigation, then a verdict he did not like, denounce the FBI then praise it when investigating more Hilliary e-mails, then denounce again. then praise, then denounce again accusing of being wiretapped. PROVE IT or shut up already. he is a sore looser even when he wins. Jesus.

  • Jeff Berwick

    So, Trump said he wants to look into what is actually going on with NSA surveillance and the only thing this Fake News guy wants to talk about is what he meant by his comment about Obama being “sick and bad”? Yeesh. Thank God for WAM because CBS is tabloid fake news journalism.

  • Alaskan Christian

    WOW Trump is suppose to Behave BETTER then that, you do not SINK to the same level as that trash. Damn Trump did you not learn anything in private school. I did, and we do NOT behave in such a self disrespecting manner.

  • Admiral Nimitz

    MAIN STREAM MEDIA IS NOTHING MORE THAN A LEFTEST PROPAGANDA MACHINE.he does not care about the spying only a tweet. they are the enemies of the american people.

  • Daisy Rain

    Hitler and Stalin two entirely different entities. Worlds apart. Stalin was the mass communist murderer. Hitler was a great man and noble man deeply cared for his people and Nation. Sadly he has been demonized and villianized much like Putin is today. Hard to believe  ” righteously informed people ” still buy  and try  to package that Myth to us..

  • camaro sunrise

    Reporter??? More accurately, just another ‘Prostitute’ for the Democrat Party and the Leftwing media bosses. President Trump shouldn’t even give these slimy, ‘fake news’ Democrat reporters the time of day.

  • stdpozer

    Dont like Trump but if you have a mind you can see the rabbit hole if you cant than have fun with what was now going to happen all I see waiste time and effort

  • Perkunas T

    Trump stands with the globalists, that’s why Ivanka, wine and
    dines with them. Also Trumps 1st call was to the UN’s, Christine
    Lagarde. The only thing conservative about him, is his hair cut. Its
    no secret that his whole life he was a leftist liberal, that
    supported the democratic party with funding.

  • Great Gazoo

    What a fucking asshole reporter. Lock him up! You do not talk to the United States President like that…………..United We Stand!!

  • Michael Duke

    My response to that reporter would be “I only have two comments to say about that. FISA warrant and Susan Rice. That’s all, goodbye!”

  • Steve Ryan

    The two most dangerous aspects of this total surveillance are, IMO:

    1) Governments creating lists of “enemies of the state” (think IRS and the Tea Party in the US)
    2) Quotas: the state will at some point determine how much of any particular item you may purchase, and cut you off when you reach your quota

    Sickening control freaks is what the collectivists are.

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