2017 PREDICTIONS: The Death of Mainstream Media, End of Pizzagate

In 2017 we will not allow the Mainstream Media to lie about the pedophilia in the state. John Podesta and Hillary Clinton cannot get away with Pizzagate.

Also, we talk about Justin Trudeau and carbon tax fraud. The ‘lock her up’ scandal at a rally in Alberta. We also talk about the CBC extorting $400M from the tax slaves. Also: free speech hating lesbians at UBC, Pizaagate and Fake News, ‘Heteronormative’ A&W Burger Family no threat to LGBT, rights tribunal says after receiving ‘outrageous’ complaint, Geoengineering to Alter Climate Moves Closer to Reality.

Alberta, federal politicians denounce ‘lock her up’ rally as Trump-style politics

‘Pizzagate’ hoax shows potentially lethal side of fake news

‘Heteronormative’ Burger Family no threat to LGBT, rights tribunal says after receiving ‘outrageous’ complaint

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