Italy Faces MASSIVE Debt CRISIS! – European Union FURIOUS

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the astonishing debt crisis in Italy as the European Parliament criticizes the country for being in so-called “open defiance.”
Now, don’t be too confused, both sides are wrong in this situation considering the vast toll of debt enforced upon the populace. Both sides are huge supporters of centralization, one is just larger than the other.
Italy has announced that it will expand its 2019 budget to 2.4% of GDP. Officials actually claim the increase in spending will abolish poverty, but no one seems to be talking about the vast debt impoverishing the country as the banking sector heats up at an unthinkable rate.
The EU parliament claims that Italy is defying their suggestions. Defying the EU isn’t exactly a bad thing, it’s just that both sides simply want a different form of centralization and the EU very likely knows exactly what is coming its way which is why they’ve been in careful scripted preparation for the coming global crash.
Antonio Tajani, the European Parliament head says he’s concerned for what’s happening in Italy and that this move will not raise employment. He also says it will hit savers in their wallets. Tajani was very close to Berlusconi.
The M3 money supply in Italy seems to be on the brink of the same issue we saw between 2010 and 2011 as Europe felt the lasting effects of the 2008 financial crisis.
No matter what happens, the banks are bankrupt, the fiat monetary system always crashes and there are bubbles left and right as the global monetary playbook is failing. Either way, this will not end well.
We go deep into historical implications and put the story in context for the audience as well as talk about the vast subservience enforced on the populace via the banks, central banks and governments of the world.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

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  • s404n1tn0cc

    EU?…. who in the heck is the EU. We’re the Illuminati we spend what we want when we want as much as we want. We own you… you better check yourself . as the Banksters would say.

  • ikm64

    Universal income is inevitable, when the machines do all the work who do you think will be earning an income. The problem is always going to be implantation. The first people to get it needs to be the retired…… Then the disabled……Then people who are in fact unemployable . This will end poverty traps….more will find useful postions

  • Jane Mortz

    I want the federal reserve out of our lives. A friend of mine didn’t know the fed is not a part of our government. Private family’s own it. They need to go, part of the deep state!

  • kilo kong

    I’m only happy losing -0.38% so I will go with the 1 month bond 3 times! HA LOSING A MASSIVE -1.14% EVERY 3 MONTHS!!!!!
    best deal imo (not financial advise)

  • Vannessa Coonrod

    They say Italy is fed up and ready to go Gladiator on The EU. They may well civil war on them very soon. Who knew the EU would come to this.

  • Thomas Silvey

    5G is basically hype anyway even with Verizon releasing their home internet version. This issue is the entire US should have been fully wired, Fiber to the Home but, most of the internet service providers have sat on the profits and did absolutely nothing when they had a chance to wire the entire country. There is a reason why 5G was set up to support rural broadband or even for home internet in urban areas, they did zero. And do people expect for ISPs to do anything to stop the wireless providers from doing it? Nope because the cable and telecoms did nothing for years…

  • Andrey Pinto

    I’m from Italy, i can say you more than that, we are preparing even fiscal money to takeback some kind of property on money supply for our nation. EU and world markets will try to fight for mantain tham control on our future, but we will fight too for our future, giving the example of how it’s possible to play inside the rules with moves that are seriously gamechanger! – for the rest, nice job, guys keep on like that, i really admire your channel!

  • Mark Shirley

    What is unfolding in Europe is the Bible prophecies found in Revelation and Daniel of the ten toes and the ten horns. The toe in Daniel are the horns in Revelation. Daniel speaks of the toes being made up partly of iron, and partly of clay. But as iron does not mix with clay, the population mix of Europe will not become a homogenous blend. How about the iron being Europe’s Judeo/Christian culture, and the clay is the Muslim migrants who WILL NOT assimilate. When we see the EU divided into those ten regions, this world will quickly enter the 7 year tribulation under the Antichrist.

  • Andrey Pinto

    We gonna make public debt rally public again, after 2nd WW no nation of the world never repaid tham public debt – we gonna make banks public again to, as Japan, Cina and other nations that are free to print the money they need to keep on tham country!

  • Mark Shirley

    Josh, did you just say, “Cash suppository ratios.”? I thought they said it was a bail-out! Oh I get it now. It IS a bail-out, for THEM, which is credited to our account as debt when THEY roll our debt into THEIR global all-digital blockchain shackling us to that with THEIR on/off switch THEY want to inject into our right-hands. THEY may of course give the chipped a few cryptos to jingle so they think they have some freedom left in their purchasing. Sort of like giving pocket-money to your kids. Read it in Revelation chapters 13 & 14.

  • Stewart Reid

    The EU is doomed, it is just a matter of time before total collapse. Macron & Merkel are the instigators both are Globalists!

  • Marcus Bernardi

    Youtube is the magic place in which people who make video think to be better than a financial minister

  • Website guy

    The debt is oderous illegal and should be completely defaulted on. It is either that or illuminate half the humans and let the system inherit their wealth. Usually thats what they do. Trust me they consciously try to wipe out people to balance debt. This type descision is at the very top at roths and buddies level those boys dont give a damn about human life.

  • Alan Podgorny

    Is all debt that the people created is concedered income and filling a 1099 OID and 1040 form to claim it as income and pay taxes on it. Then you are claiming as a creditor and it erases the debit. The secure creditor is claiming the debt that was credited by them.

  • wayne mcclory

    Thanks guys for the information because the US news doesn’t inform us of anything other than Trump is the devil. Maga. also all the EU money ends up in Germany.

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