Lord Monckton: Trudeau Is An Idiot – Pushing Communist Carbon Tax

During an hour and a half interview author and economic analyst John Sneisen conducted with Lord Christopher Monckton, the issue of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal carbon tax came up. Lord Monckton called out Trudeau for being incapable of rational thought, an idiot and a capitalism hating communist cut out of the cloth of Soviet Russian communism.
Despite Trudeau claiming during the Canadian federal election in 2015 that he would not impose a carbon tax on provinces, he has broken that promise and will enforce such a tax which will destroy small businesses, push those in poverty further to the curb while further monopolizing major corporations by the hand of the state.
The tax will in no way actually cut emissions, but will simply be another giant money grab.
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall will be taking any legal action possible to block Trudeau from this business killing form of extortion under the umbrella of globalist man-made climate change fearmongering.
The deception being promoted by the United Nations and the Canadian government regarding global warming is detrimental to the people of Canada and further takes advantage of people’s good intentions (while ignorant) in order to take away the people’s individual freedoms and liberties.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Lord Christopher Monckton
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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