Medical Marijuana Activists Rally In Front of Winnipeg’s City Hall For Glenn Price!

On September 3rd, 2015, several medical marijuana activists gathered in front of Winnipeg’s Law Courts building to rally in support of Glenn Price of ‘Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters’ who was recently unjustly arrested for giving sick patients their safe, side-effect free medication. His liberties were critically infringed and it got the whole city talking about what rights the government had to stick their nose in his business and stop patients with glaucoma, cancer, MS, etc. from getting their medication.
On September 8th, 2015, Josh Sigurdson reported as activists rallied again in front of City Hall to support Glenn Price. Glenn is currently on a gag by his lawyer, but will make further statements at a future date. Right now he’s working hard to be able to continue what he was previously doing.
He did speak to us however regarding why he was out rallying!
We also spoke with Steven Stairs who is currently running as a Green Party candidate for Kildonan-St.Paul. He’s also a long time medical cannabis activist who was plagued with legal blindness due to glaucoma. We’ve spoke with him many times at Winnipeg Alternative Media and we’re always happy to talk with him!
We then spoke with Janice Davis of ‘The Human Solution’ who always breaks things down well for us as she has several times at Winnipeg Alternative Media over the past 2 years.

We will be updating you on this story shortly!

Video shot and edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
Glenn Price
Steven Stairs
Janice Davis

Graphics by Bryan Foerster

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