California Beats Canada To The Punch With Legal Recreational Cannabis

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California has legalized recreational cannabis and while on the one hand I’m happy for my neighbors to the south for their advancements in abolishing prohibition, on the other hand I can’t help but resent Justin Trudeau a little more for dragging his feet on carrying through his campaign promise to legalize cannabis all across Canada. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Chad Jackett owner of Liberty Farms, Grassroots Medicinal and President of the Cannabis Growers of Canada about the advancements we are seeing in the United States towards ending prohibition and what that says about Canada as Trudeau continues to drag his feet while getting all his ducks in a line to monopolize the industry here before he gives what the country wants…legal cannabis.

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  • Templar Rising

    That’s only because imam turdeau and his buddies are making it so you have to buy off them… they own the drug farms you have to buy off of and you will get a bigger fine/prison time for not buying from them.

  • Master Embalmer

    “I will scrap the GST” – Jean Chretien.  “I will scrape the GST” – Dalton Mcguinty. “I will  legalize marijuana”- Justin Trudeau. notice a trend…?

  • laz iaconohoff

    Chad, yep, right on with organizing to protect us from the government. Happy new year. Happy growing. Happy selling. Never forget Rick Simpson. This goes way beyond a mere change in the law. Usum be willing to act. Usum nedum heap big change. Bless you all.

  • papapapist

    Let me sum up legalization in Canada for you naïve morons cough cough were all extremely fucked and for the most part driving under the influence at all times under their view

  • Bull&Skones

    I suggest people try and source the now extremely difficult (due to police culling) original-seed-crop for weed as all thats knocking about now especially in the UK is a combo of GM crap and mutant mixes with hardly any of the original indica-strain THC needed for health purposes, just a lot of headache shit….

  • Starlin GodsChild

    This is all I have to say, I don’t use marijuana, I don’t use any drug however, kudos to the people who use marijuana( because you’re going to use it if you want to) anyway at least artificial intelligence cannot mind control you while you are high, hahahaha to AI in your face!!!!!!!! ✋???

  • Dylan Brown

    New subscriber liking the REAL out look and information u showcase on u vids and i think we can all agree we have the wrong person as prime minister who is clearly un ethical any who great chan ty for all ur vids

  • Scott Stangler

    Sorry bud but how is this rellivent. Colorado 3 years now. As far as legalisation. It’s all a money grab for every economy that does it. Here we will give you this; as long as we can take this without recourse. They take more than they give. Government is just business. Wake tfup everyone. We will never get what we want. PERIOD. THE FED IN THE WORLD IS NOT NEEDED. AND THEY KNOW IT! ASK yourselves why the uprising in totalitarianism. Ask yourself ,this one question. Maybe because they all know they are on the way out. Local is always better. Peace brothers and sisters?

  • First Last

    Why is cannabis being taxed at all?? Government will be saving tonnes of money with legal cannabis. They should be giving that extra money back now!
    It’s crazy that people just allow government to tax things willy-nilly – because reasons.

  • G. Elliott Nielsen

    I signed a petition in college back in 1996. . . . . . took a long time but it got there. . . . . I don’t even use cannibals but I think it is absurd to put regulations on plants?

  • D Rutter

    Great video guys. Hey Chad, we’re still hoping to see you down at the cannabis farmers market at Robson Square! Dan, maybe you could do an episode on the market (before the City or VPD succeed at getting rid of it). Really some amazing activism going on down there! 25000 edibles served without any harm by overdoses. Thousands of dabs, hundreds of thousands of joints and baggies… going on 3 years of safely meeting demand with zero regulations (other than 19+ and peaceful). Thanks for all your efforts! -Daron

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