No, The Canadian Dollar Is NOT Soaring… It’s CRASHING – This Is WHY

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the fall of the Canadian economy as media claims that the loonie is soaring. It’s quite incredible how people cannot seem to comprehend that the Canadian dollar and the US dollar are both devaluing rapidly. No fiat currencies are soaring. It’s just that in comparison with the US dollar, the Canadian dollar for the time being isn’t falling AS fast and this makes it appear as though it’s climbing. Both currencies are garbage and people are being able to afford less and less with their purchasing power which is quickly vanishing.
Alongside the fact that all fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero eventually, Canadians are taxed insanely, regulated insanely, legislated into oblivion and now we have the new NAFTA agreement which is a complete sham, enforcing government regulations and tariffs.
This notion that the right actually likes these global trade deals is hilariously ironic considering they are massive government mechanisms to tell individuals and businesses who they can, cannot, should, should not trade with. It basically places a big tax on products and hurts industries competing in the market. The market isn’t free as long as there are multi-country trade deals. Instead of governments trading with governments, using businesses as pawns, individuals should trade with whoever they want without government restricting them.
It’s all ridiculous and individuals need to break free from the collective, decentralize their lives and prepare for the worst by protecting their purchasing power.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Utkarsh Anand

    I do advocate for free market, but, at the same time, not all countries have it. In such cases, I’d like to have free trade only with the countries that allow free trade with my country, but then it becomes a trade deal.

  • Dow Buzzell

    you guys rock thank you so much ? this is the kind of sound advice I’ve been looking for when you get old like me? Can’t think it through anymore. You are reminding me of eeverything I remember. Cheers ?

  • Russian Bot

    NO YOU ARE BAM AND HE IS WAM, SO IT MAKES IT WAM, BAM AND waiting for the bikini model we will call thank you Mam

  • lowbloodprsure

    Owning Canadian fiat is Looney. Canada will become like Argentina soon enough. The Looney’s in Ottawa gave all their gold away for paper fiat.

  • Yaroslav Muradian

    Donated. Thanks guys for your expertness and courage. The collapse of the Soviet Union is a proof that central planning leads to inevitable catastrophe. The looters surely know that and keep up the pace into oblivion intentionally. We need to get off their train immediately.

  • driverx 36158

    Nice to see the Lunatick rising like the dollar and hyper inflation people cannot afford. Equities new hyper highs every day .

  • Chuck Spruit

    Im so broke and i earn more than i ever have> In 1.5 months Ive bought 72 oz of silver. Going hard on crypto and silver.

  • Paul Montgomery

    cdn crashing? why would u.s. sanction canadian l and g? they own it. maybe better stated “they will control it”. loonie gained a penny after signing new deal. cdn$ has been in low 60’s before, been as high as $1.20’s. it will be whatever london bankers say it will be. the cost of living essentials is robbery, purchasing power varies drastically from province to province. funny how you say mexico currency is worse so you save lots of money? from your perspective wouldn’t that make it better? have a nice winter guys! doesn’t and hasn’t the canadian government floated on i.m.f. immigration ponzi scheme since 1960? how’s that working out for you? is a country who’s economy is built on an interwoven steadily increasing, maximum usury tax system, fixable? maybe next time you go to anarcapulco you’ll get it and stay there.

  • Bots_4_Russia

    I really hate the satanic globalist state of mind that people are sheep who can’t be trusted with they’re own lives but then people keep refusing to step out of servitude and take the freaking reigns. It’s frustrating sometimes, I want the power to succeed or fail on my own and not be connected to everyone else in the collectivist hell were a part of now. I don’t want my future tied to the rest of the world. Especially when most of them prefer to be sheep

  • gaudet Gaudet

    Before free trade Trump needs to bring back US factories. That’s what he is doing now. Then the crash and get rid of the FED.

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