The Purge Is Getting Out Of Control! Stop Banning All The Things!!!

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Censorship is becoming one of the main issues moving forward for any freedom loving individual who likes to challenge the status quo…In the wake of the banning of Alex Jones we quickly saw the great facebook purge of 2018 where Press For Truth and many others in the field of alternative media were taken out in one fell swoop! Fast forward to spring of 2019 and now Jordan Peterson, Tommy Robinson, David Icke, Faith Goldy and many others are currently on the chopping block and they’re getting axed! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest censorship news that has devolved into book burnings and flat out bans on ideas and opinions while also providing a glimmer of hope moving forward when it comes to decentralized blockchain based media sharing platforms.


Global 5G WIFI: You Won’t Believe What They NOW Have Planned For Humanity! With David Icke!

David Icke opens up about Visa ban in Australia – Studio 10 | 21 February 2019

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  • a true patriot

    also amazon sell child sex dolls how sick is that I havnt used amazon since they banned tommy s book and I urge everyone else to do the same

  • Adam Zigmond

    Facebook sucks, why do we give that authoritarian scumbag zuckerburg this kind of power.
    Silicon Valley and the leftist are a major problem with the main platforms these days, and its only getting worse; especially with what they’re doing right now. Also they’re is no diversity of though in silicon valley, but only a leftist echo chamber.

  • Sandra Martin

    I appreciate having the right to choose for myself what I will & won’t read & watch 👍🏼 It seems everything to do with sexuality of any kind is ok & being pushed in our faces but freedom to have a different opinion from the Left is cause for a ban ! What kind of upside down messed up world are we letting these Globalists create!

  • A World Gone Totally Insane

    And the HYPOCRISY of the century award goes to “drum roll please” bmpppppppppp
    AMAZON!!!! yeah !!!! wahooo!!! congratulations AMAZON you have surpassed all known hypocrisy for the last century!!!
    I do not buy things from amazon and do not plan on using them in the future.

  • A World Gone Totally Insane

    Like it or not this really has come to a US and THEM situation! We didn’t start this they did!
    These far left leaning libtards are mentally warped and that is being kind.
    They think it is just fine for children to be taught/read stories by drag queens!

  • Diggity Dane

    YouTube Sucks! Doesn’t even give the button to forward American Renaissance’s new video. Screw Juicetube!!

  • One Voice

    This is Communist book burning 101 in action . Amazon will be losing another customer very soon. The mass exodus from the mainstream media has caused them to take desperate action against Free Speech. Their current assault of silencing all those with rational thinking minds has exposed how truly weak they really are.

  • Bruce Clarke

    My opinion is that in a Democracy we all have the right to choose what we read, listen to and watch is our choice.

  • Heidi Ullrich

    When too many people are waking up to the evils of the truth, they shut it down. You can see exactly what their agenda and beliefs are by what they ban and what they keep. We are so screwed and it’s happening at an alarming rate.
    Someone on another channel said, “it’s dangerous to take away people’s voices and opinions. When that is done what will they do next to get their point across?

  • a.r.g. madman

    Make no mistake we the people are aware of what they’re doing. They are being allowed to lambast these free thinkers by Design. You must understand they’re being allowed to weave the very rope that’s going to hang them. The Art of War never interrupt an enemy , while they are in the process of destroying themselves. It is not hard to out-think the Crooked and deceitful their protection relies solely on covet means. That the freethinkers are exposing the world 2. In Act of panic using the only tools they know well, deceit and secrecy through which they are exposing themselves. Those who cry the loudest in the media and government have the most to hide. And are revealing themselves actions of Deceit twisting the truth into narratives that the people see through like glass. The world is waking up and soon there will be no place for them to hide. The Reckoning for them is coming nothing can stop it and they know it. It’s going to be like a rodeo were they are the bull and the Rider is justice for the people. The bull is given 8 Seconds to kick in buck and whale until the writer digs in his Spurs and breaks the Bulls back.

  • rev.c.russell

    If you wanted Facebook back, take them to court. Under Canadian law, contracts must be completed in good faith. It appears that Facebook cancelled your account in bad faith.

  • Ella Larkin

    Boycott Amazon. They are selling an instruction manual for paedophiles. Are you going to keep giving your money to a company that is selling instruction manuals for paedophiles, to paedophiles? And they are calling child-abusers ‘child-lovers.’ Sickening.

  • Steve Ryan

    These establishment media writers are so damned lazy (bootlickers) that they always regurgitate the least interesting aspects of the people they attempt to demonize, and guess why? Because they are too self-absorbed and arrogant to put their own minds to the test. Whatever you think of Icke, the lizard stuff pales in comparison to all that he exposes.

  • Jeremy Benson

    David Icke is not exactly irrelevant. All those shills are still playing their role, which you refuse to expose. Him being banned is NOT like me being banned. Get people to support by stopping the truth ban, but getting people to help Ike is no solution. It will blind people into thinking Ike is some poster boy, instead of the new age Alice Bailey loving shill that he is. Chris White David Ike exposed.

  • Carol 70-year-old English NATIONALIST

    They might need the information at the end of my post, They can also find the deaths by Islam across the world in March this year, or any month for decades. After all, you need all sides of the coin, not just the globalists side!
    !I spent 40 years in my job as a nurse to do good, these media overpaid evils get paid to do bad to every single person who watches and believes they tell truths!
    I am what my monicker says I am!! white, nationalist, I want to maintain my culture, values, history, These are not being taken from me by other cultures but by CULTURAL MARXISM.
    There are a few books about Marxism if you wish to be enlightened to your future, but in case you can not be bothered let me tell you the end result
    You will only get “special treatment under the law for minorities” a UN agenda until they have only you, then you will be violently controlled until you toe the line!!
    Oh, by the way, Islam is not the religion of peace in these 54 countries
    Islam the politically incorrect truth GOOGLE
    2019,,,, 1,979 attacks in 54 countries
    11775, murders
    11483, injured

  • Robert Lambert

    Heil Amazon. Heil facebook. Snap the feet and extend the arm. Total submission is all they want. Und zey vill halv zerr vay. Goot ya goot. Both my Grandfathers fought against that nonsense. And so will i.

  • Funking Obvious

    Sadly Dan I think David’s new Renegade movie is the systems way of starting to make this knowledge open and acceptable to the masses. We in the future will see what we call conspiracy theorists and alternative media as the norm. It sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it, but it is not. Weaponize the enemies own technique’s and strategies to one’s own advantage is the first lesson in phycological warfare. We will see new David’s, so-called, I can see them spawn already online. Funny that some can be seen on the Richie Allen Show. We will have a mainstream full of ‘conspiracy pumpers’ and they will be as controlled and be as ineffective as Occupy became, or any other revolutionary thinkers or groups. Just look at Jones and his support of Trump, but then Jones was always a system infiltrator from the beginning. Insurgency is the defining art of the enemy and Renegade is the first major step to this path of subversion and control. David wants his stuff out there and he will get it. It is not a Coincidence that he is now becoming more popular…This is the Matrix and all systems are controlled…Weather it is known or not…And of course it is not a contradiction to ban him all publicity is good publicity as the old saying goes.

  • NoNORADon911

    When J#WS OWN ALL media ANYONE that CRITICIZES Israel or J#WS is Anti Semetic LOL.
    ISRAEL did 911 folks, why are we putting up with this?

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