BUSTED! Google & Amazon “Digital Assistant” Patents For Spying Exposed!

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It is no longer just some “conspiracy theory” that we are now living in a big brother Orwellian Nightmare. Our so called “smart devices” in our “smart homes” have been designed to spy on us for the purposes of advertising and for control. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers a bombshell expose released from Consumer Watching detailing the patents that Google and Amazon filed for spying on you through devices such as Alexa and the Echo.


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  • Mawbee Veen

    Yeah someone comes up with an idea and all of a sudden some group with a lot of money makes the idea and yes my family and I were talking about an old movie and then the okay google was like info on your old movie blah blah blah!

  • Honda Davidson

    If you are stupid enough to buy and install one of these devices you deserve what you get. Don’t think your cell phone doesn’t matter either, choose a dumb phone if you are worried. It is up to you.

  • jerrywh3

    Online advertising has been proven over and over to be unsuccessful. It never shows me anything I need it only shows what I’ve bought. Since I gave up Facebook and never use Instagram my google search advertising has definitely changed but I haven’t taken the tine to notice what it is. I will see if my advertising is matching my conversations like yours was.

  • Booda Lothor

    I removed facebook app and deleted my account after I had my smartphone with me for a dinner in a small restaurant where I had a beer that I didn’t know before and talked about it with my girlfriend. The next day I saw ads of this brand for the first time. That’s been 3 years ago.

  • Enuf Alrdy

    Screw the random objects for a test. Lets talk about yellow cake uranium, suitcase nukes, assault weapons, and crap like that!! See if anyone shows up at your door! heh

  • Mar Vaey

    good report. hope the warning goes around fast enough so people can react together, to stop the poisening of minds with lies and propaganda repetition

  • Tina Fisher

    Just last month I bought a new pair of shoes. The next day I had ads for these all over the place. Then I asked in a text for my husband to grab a couple gift cards. The next day I started getting ads for them. Pisses me off! ?

  • Barney Fife

    Another reason why I have never owned a cell phone. That may be a problem for me in the future however because they full intend to do away with ALL passwords. The user will be identified their new “personal number’, doing away with social security numbers, and the new PN will be on the cell phone so that would be all one would need to get into anything.  Guess I’ll be out of luck.  Could be worse.  Thanks a bunch. God Bless.  Oh, you may be interested to see how they are using those DEWs to fry homes and businesses.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwRCWSbKh10&feature=em-uploademail

  • Steve Ryan

    Crazy world. Apparently they’re working on nano-dust so they can spray it on forests and turn the trees into communication devices. True or not, this is all about surveillance, control and shopping. Sick!

  • Robert Clark

    Same thing happened to me after I downloaded Facebook messenger. An email was sent that was targeted to me very specifically!! An EMAIL not Facebook because I don’t use it, I just have a acct because I need to reach certain people, sonI download messenger and then delete it. Ugh, what a pain. This is sooo much deeper though. Can I say mind control?

  • Yo Cecil

    I could tell the idiots were up to something with these things. They keep pushing them everywhere I look online. This one then the new small one etc. If something is pushed onto you it’s a sign it’s bad just like the Flu jab and the commission the doctor gets to inject you with the s**t.

  • Master Embalmer

    no cell phone. no credit card. no ‘air miles ‘ rewards. pay using cash. no facebook. no twitter. no tv. I must be the ultimate enemy of the state. I even drive and old pickup that has no computer. surprised they haven’t sent a crash team after me yet…

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