Ontario’s SEX ED Curriculum Is Keeping It OLD SCHOOL!

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When it comes to the class room and teaching kids about sex many Ontario parents want to keep it old school when it comes to the curriculum. Under Premier Doug Ford, Ontario elementary schools have scrapped the modernized sex ed curriculum and instead, they’re using an interim document from 2010, which is an updated version of the 1998 health and physical education curriculum. In this video Dan Dicks and Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth question random people on the streets of Toronto to see how they feel about the recent sex ed switcharoo!

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About The Author


  • Honey Pie

    Pedophilia will be legal soon. Bestiality is already legal in Canada. Sick screwed up world. Ask yourself “Is the government always right?” Answer is NO! They are the biggest perverts of all. 50/50 ? That’s BS too. Surveys show 75% of homeless youth are gay. Why? Because their parents couldn’t stand their behavior, so they ran away. Society is deteriorating at a rapid pace. And the government is a large part of that problem.

  • Bad Company

    If somebody is naturally born one way that is fine they should be loved they deserve love. However, to push gender confusion and people being able to identify themselves as a peanut or banana is ridiculous and it is Agenda 21 all the way. The entire goal is to create non humans with no sex whatsoever which obviously is going to destroy the family, Society, everything. It’s Criminal.

  • Francis Vittini

    I think it is good to go back, but they should include the topics that talk about the Internet, emails and texting dangers like sexual harrassment, bullying, etc., so kids are aware of that. Of course all this with the parents involvement at home having honest talks with your kids same as you do with other assignments like Math, sciences or Reading.


    Indoctrinating our children through sexual acceptance of socialism , leads to welcoming the Enemy at the Gate

    The result is catastrophic genocide

    Conservative critical thinking provides not only peace and security for all who live within our gates

    But morality creates stability , without it Society is broken

    Without Western Christian values your Society will destroy itself within its Gates

  • underdog

    Old school had it right. We need morality in every aspect of our lives, or an irreparable breakdown of values will prevail.

  • Rise Nshine

    Oh my!  Those young people can’t even explain themselves in a sensible way!  Are they being trained in double talking?

  • Marc Ariss

    People should just do what they want to do to feel comfortable = Do what thy wilt. Its like our entire society have become Thelema practitioners

  • Canadian Girl

    I had my 4 kids in the 90’s, and since kids don’t come with a how-to manual, I used the shows that were on t.v. that I grew up watching, as a teaching tool for me on what a good family life was(my childhood was a bit messed up) and I followed them, even though Oprah had feminist on her show, bullying stay at-home moms into having a career instead of raising their own children. Even though feminist were starting to mock these old family values t.v. shows, I still could see that there were way more good family values being taught. These shows, as corny as they were, are Little House on the Prairie, and The Walton’s. Shows that I did make my kids watch too. Valuable lessons that they didn’t even realize they were being taught. I still watch them today, and yesterday on Little house, they dealt with Suicide, and I had to agree, that it is a VERY selfish act. That was the lesson, the man in the story that was feeling very sorry for himself and wanted to end his life, threw these thoughts away after he realized that he had almost killed himself trying to save his best friends life. And I have taught my children this same lesson, that suicide is a cowardly selfish act, let alone a Sin in the Bible.

  • HIS Footprints OnWater

    Doug Ford is right regarding this matter…the freeks want to brainwash all children…the fact is there are only two genders..xx and xy..

  • Jason

    I think I would have to agree with Eddie Murphy you can be friend with gay guys just after you play basketball or what I go have a beer, he may go suck a dick have a nice day.

  • porkchop

    Sounds pretty pro wahhabis Islam too me. Wtf are you doing Dan?

    The schools are NOT educating kids to be transgender or whatever the eff you said.

    Parents who have their face in their phones now wanting to teach their kids. What a crock of shit.

    You sir are at times, dangerous.

    1998 did not have social media and the conversation around consent was non existent. You are attempting to put words in peoples mouths and NOT actually presenting the before and after of the content.

  • Mist3r Brown

    “Youth don’t know how to act”coming from a female with purple hair and black lipstick ? dude I think you’re trying to hard?‍♂️

  • Adam Blainey

    There are no queer children. They aren’t sexual beings. And there are only 2 genders. Whether you identify as it or not.

  • Erik LS

    NONE of the Wynne sex-ed supporters in this video have children and probably never will. They are all selfish hedonists that only “do what feels good.”

  • Rip

    No way schools should be including such bullshit in their teachings These special interest groups are trying to push their twisted agenda on young impressionable minds
    A 6 to 16 yr old does not need to be learning about gender fluid or homosexuality They most certainly do not need to be learning about masterbation anal sex or having reading time with drag queens Allow kids to be kids They will grow up and learn about all this bullshit in their own time LBGQRST need to stop pushing their agenda

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