A Masonic Prophecy Hidden In Plain Sight

While in Denver Colorado Dan Dicks of Press For Truth documents the apocoliptic scenario depicted in the artwork at the Denver International Aiport. http://www.patreon.com/PressForTruth

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  • Spiritus

    Apocalyptic is probably not the right choice of phrase. The etymology of
    the word Apocalypse means “to unveil” or “to reveal what was previously
    hidden”. We are living through the apocalypse right now, with all the news
    that’s gotten out lately. Thanks for your part in that! ;)

  • humptydumpty762

    ..I don’t see what the problem is, this is completely normal artwork, just
    like kids with black eyes hanging by their underarms in a pool…nothing
    wrong with that……who doesn’t love images of dead kids?

  • BrotherSpartacus

    At 0:23 I noticed an *”11″* on the side wall of the second mural. Could
    there possibly be a *”9″* on the side wall of the first mural, I wonder.

  • Popcorn Lobotomy

    I had a friend go through Denver Airport recently, so naturally asked if he
    checked out the mural. He didn’t even know it existed. Is it hidden away
    somewhere? I got the impression it was displayed pretty prominently.

  • mookixox

    Dan I have donated to your efforts twice in the past, can you PLEASE cover
    the topic of #PIZZAGATE since alternative media personalities like Paul
    Joseph Watson, Mark Dice and Stefan Molyneux seemed determined to keep this
    topic under the rug!

  • Leah H

    I think you mean E Pluribus Unem – Out of Many, One or maybe Novus ordo
    seclorum which is new order of the ages. aka New World Order

  • mikecorbeil

    Can’t say that I agree or disagree, but can say it’s weird stuff. Some
    people find this stuff disturbing, but while it somewhat is, it’s nothing
    new for the USA.


    The idea of global conquest is rooted in ancient philosophies, and the
    concept of a unified world is nothing new either. The problem which is
    inherent with humanity is that it has been divided culturally and
    religiously. These mistakes are difficult to overcome; you cannot expect
    the faithful to willingly alter their belief system for your cause if it
    contradicts tradition and custom. As history shows, armies were raised with
    the proselytized belief in Gods and the promise of an afterlife. The spread
    of Christianity can be very easily compared to the spread of a disease,
    just as the promotion of the Muslim faith is spread by the strict
    application of force and routine indoctrination. It is no wonder why these
    two religions which have become the most popular on the planet to be at
    odds –they each serve to establish a crucible in which a finalized goal
    may be obtained. The majority of humans are very easily controlled, and the
    plan has long been to create chaos in order to provide the solution. The
    ‘game’ being played is carried out in numerous phases, and we are well
    within one of the latter. In the attempt to create a futuristic society
    which can travel the cosmos and terraform new colonies on foreign worlds, a
    unified world here on Earth must first be established. Some have theorized
    that honesty and openness will fail, when a more occluded and subtle
    approach may yield more success as a result of continued application of key
    tactics. In societies where violent revolutions have already occurred, it
    is easier to maintain communist and socialist dictatorships, while in
    America for example, it is best to convince the people they are free while
    at the same time work to gradually take them closer toward the same result
    by simply utilizing decadence, complacency, and utilizing dependence on the
    established ruling authority. The common theme in all of this is the
    widespread use of corporations, who control and manage operations globally,
    in virtually every nation. In the not-so-distant future, the world will be
    (openly) ruled by the corporate elite, when they are still struggling to
    maintain supremacy currently (due mostly to instant communications like the
    internet and alternative media). Like it or not, we will have world order,
    even if they take us with them, kicking and screaming the whole way. The
    alternative is stagnation and especially, the complete despotic ruin which
    awaits if we somehow manage to sever their stranglehold on humanity. For
    example, the banking cartel relies heavily on maintaining a monopoly on the
    creation of “money”. Banking cartels are corporations (everything is a
    corporation, from federal to state and local level and they each invest in
    other corporations) and taking down any key cartel would essentially cause
    a domino effect which would bring about monetary collapse, chaos, riots,
    starvation, and mass death. The entire banking cartel in America relies on
    one key provision that grants them the privilege to conduct banking
    business, and that is the Emergency War Powers enacted by President
    Roosevelt in the Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917, as Amended (Procl.
    March 6-9, 1933) and the empowering Act of Congress USCA Title 12, 95(b).

  • Janie Jones

    please do a video on Victoria BC. I will even meet you and give you a tour.
    it’s not as blatant as the Denver airport .but the symbols are everywhere.
    I was shocked when I last visited. the city is a haven of freemasons and
    satanists . scary and creepy. one example (out of hundreds ) : a main road
    , Boleskine , named after Alastair Crowley’s estate in scotland . I think
    people would be interested to know this crap is so close to home.

  • Woonz

    This apocalyptic event is prophesied in the bible. This event is known as
    “The Great Tribulation”. It’s a tribulation so great the world has never
    seen its like before nor will ever seen again. The bible says that unless
    the duration of this period of tribulation is cut short, no flesh at all
    will survive. God Himself intervenes at this point, making His name known
    to every person living. At this point God initiates His war of Armageddon
    against rebellious mankind – all those that don’t know Him and haven’t
    obeyed Him. So, it doesn’t matter if you survive the great NWO purge, for
    what God brings to conclude the Great Tribulation will be inescapable to
    those not on good terms with Him. The signs the bible speak of wrt the
    nearness of the Great Tribulation point to this event being very close at
    hand. It’s end game time for this corrupt old system under Satan’s rule.

  • The Nativist

    I’ve seen these ‘Murals’ before, in other documentaries and I think that
    they are all perverse and stupid. Whoever made them is DREAMING….! They
    are ignorant, deluded and promoting THEIR own personal interpretation of
    ‘sound doctrine’ to fit their own deluded egotistical agendas. They have
    assumed so much of what is not. They are also full of shit. I want them all
    removed and destroyed. By the way the “New World Order” is all about MONEY
    – nothing more – nothing less. Thus why it is inscribed, in Latin, on
    American Credit Notes (or Cash). It’s all about the MONEY. It’s also the
    desire for reconstruction of the ‘Tower of Babel’….. yeah, that’s
    right…. Babel and Babylon, from the Hebrew Bible… and the Bible is
    filled with loaded Horse Shit. This is what happens when a bunch of
    assholes try to mix Marxism and Communism with Freemasonry. Good Reporting

  • TheRequiemMask

    I take pics of the first mural with the children on the West Terminal
    everything I fly through DIA. 90% of the people through there don’t even
    notice it or the other symbolism. What a joke.

  • stephhav88

    I was in this airport last year,,way creepy! Notice the blond boy in all of
    the pictures? Wonder if he represents a political figure that is going to
    bring in the NWO?

  • Gemeinde Neuhaus

    Es müsste auffallen, daß der Junge beim Bild “großer Frieden” ein deutscher
    Junge ist. Der Weltfrieden geht von Deutschland aus durch den
    zum WK I.
    “Wir wissen jetzt, was auf dem Spiele steht: nicht das deutsche Schicksal
    sondern das Schicksal dar gesamten Zivilisation. Es ist die entscheidende
    nicht nur für Deutschland, sondern für die Welt, und sie muß in Deutschland
    für die Welt gelöst werden: soll in Zukunft der Handel den Staat oder der
    Staat den Handel regieren?”

    Quelle: Oswald Spengler: “Preußentum und Sozialismus” – Kapitel 6
    “Die Internationale”

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