China Makes MASSIVE Move As Trade Tensions ESCALATE!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent move made by China to release a $3 billion bond backed in US dollars! This would be only the third US Dollar denominated issuance by China in the last 14 years. So the rarity of this bond is quite incredible considering the number of non-USD backed bonds over the past 14 years as is illustrated in charts in the video.
As the trade disputes grow more and more unstable and China actually loses some ground, they are making moves that can possibly turn the tides.
All of these economies will eventually come crashing down, but with that said, China has the upper hand as their citizens stock up on gold, their populace is ridiculously subservient to their cashless system and China basically buys up countries throughout the world much like the IMF did for so long. This makes China terrible, but also smart. They are setting themselves up to be the next world reserve currency and the world order itself. The IMF is looking to base itself in Beijing and one can imagine what that means for the SDR as the US dollar comes crashing down.

So is China backing themselves up with a bit of security after a string of losses? Yes. Does it impact China dramatically long term? No, they appear to have found a few ways around this current trade dispute and they look like they’re getting the upper hand long term.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this story!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • JSDPollard

    Loaning money to bent government officials knowing full well they can’t pay back? Who’d do a thing like that? Sound familiar.
    There very clever swooping future hard assets for there liquid dollars whilst there still worth something.
    Careful with the labels it’s playing into ‘the game’

  • Barskor1

    The reason the Chines government encourages their tax slaves to buy gold is the simple fact they can and will confiscate it when it becomes necessary.

  • jeffrey looker

    China being so populated is there down fall that makes there economy weak they have so much poor that there eating dogs cats can’t say poor loud enuff if they get one economic issue they fall witch there in a economic crises right now yeah China can’t afford to sail across the ocean before they run out of gas lol

  • Aleksander Kloc

    Is China not just trading its current fiat currency to acquire real wealth (gold & silver) while it can? I’m assuming that would be a big part in their debt accumulation as well. That’s what I’d do. Trade your junk money now for real money. Thoughts??

  • Truth Seeker

    Josh how can you be so blind to see that the same bankers who own China also own the US. This is all a facade to move towards the agendas laid out before us

  • Rick Smàll

    China mass production of free energy machines is distroying the petrodollar.
    Gegawatt production of photovoltaics, mass production of e-vehicles and now they are producing Solarized e-vehicles.
    The petrodollar is taking a big hit, 100’s of millions of people are switching over to alternative transportation, oil purchased with gold backed currencies.
    Petrodollar is taking a big hit on two fronts, declined use of fossil fuels and purchasing of oil with gold backed currecurrencies.
    The world is close to the tipping point, more investments are going into the alternatives than the fossil feul industry, more people are fighting global warming and switching over to alternatives.

  • Pramod Are

    Please don’t say “all currencies will revert back to zero” one more time. It’s like watching the same video over and over every day.

    Come up with few more lines or let the other guy speak. It’s irritating.

  • Website guy

    We should have never fed this monster. Who couldve predicted it. I did China is super cruel. Just think what they will do if they win.

  • Website guy

    I worked for myself 35 years ago. I worked for the Chinese . They are the most brutal merciless people on the planet. Killing babies in a field because they are little girls is satanic. Financially they cheat at everything all the time. They arent smart. They are mean as hell. I always said clinton was taking loans from satan and satan will be collecting.

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