How Blockchain Is Changing The World – Bitcoin & Steemit Skyrocket! (with Stephen Kendal)

Josh Sigurdson sits down with derivatives and blockchain expert Stephen Kendal to talk about the insane rise in the value of both Bitcoin and Steemit!
As Bitcoin and Steemit hit all time highs, there’s a reason for this climb that many don’t understand. Bitcoin has a set amount of coins available and is not centrally planned. That allows free market demand to tap into the scarcity much like the rarity of gold. This means, as time goes on, Bitcoin will always rise in demand.
As the fiat empire falls, Bitcoin is a great part of your DIVERSE portfolio. It’s always important to diversify. As Stephen says, it’s probably best to keep 10-15% of your income in Bitcoin.
There is a potential for Bitcoin to hit 4-5000 by the end of the year. When the dollar collapses which it must by its intrinsic lack of value based on faith and debt, Bitcoin alongside precious metals is due to skyrocket. This is insurance on wealth that can save people from the doom of a crash.
Stephen goes over some concerns regarding Bitcoin which we at WAM got people to send in.
Of course the most frequent concerns regarding Bitcoin is “What if the grid goes down?” and “How do countries banning Bitcoin affect the Bitcoin market?” and “Does the recent volatility of Bitcoin pose a risk?”
Stephen answers all of these questions in the video.

Stephen Kendal then goes into the incredible opportunity that Steemit and Steem provides.
Steemit will likely be the future of social media and pays you by demand on the blockchain for your blog posts, not to mention the untapped demand of the cryptocurrency itself.
Stephen has been educating people throughout Manchester, United Kingdom about Steemit and making a lot of people aware of it.
Due to the level of people who have no idea what Steemit is, the future potential is MASSIVE.
With the value of Steem doubling in just a few days, we are likely to see the first millionaires come out of the Steem market.
Steemit is more than just for blogging though. It provides for everyone. People are paying their rent with Steemit. Businesses can tap the potential that Steemit provides.
The possibilities are endless!
All of these opportunities are brought up in this incredible, insightful interview!

Stephen finally talks about the difference between centralization based on these debt pyramids and decentralization as the war on cash continues with globalists working to incorporate a centrally planned cashless digital system into the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) as the top banking elite panic that people may be able to save themselves with Blockchain.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting development! You can follow Stephen on Steemit at “@stephenkendal” and Josh at “@joshsigurdson”!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Stephen Kendal
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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    If the theory of the dollar losing value is accurate (in real terms), then surely all other assets incl. precious metals, are highly suppressed – with the exception of real estate and stocks. Would you agree?

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