BOOM! Speaking Truth To Power – Justin Trudeau Confronted At Town Hall!

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In your face Justin Trudeau! While speaking at a town hall meeting in Hamilton at McMaster University Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was just confronted by our good friend Leigh Stewy on the topics of funding the Clintons, paying 10 million dollars to Omar Khadr, buddying up with the now infamous Joshua Boyle, meeting with Aga Khan and the ethics commission violations, eugenics and more! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Leigh Stewy about 30 minutes after she confronted the Prime Minister of Canada to get her views while it was fresh in her mind as to how she felt things went at today’s town hall meeting!

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  • Johnny Aingel

    Look at that one person in a room full of people who speaks up for the TRUTH just one how sad their should of been more

  • gabi d.

    20$ for parking in Hamilton? Yeah, Canada is going down under J.T… good on you to rattle him…and good point on the security checks…they can’t secure that room how can he keep citizens safe?

  • James Bonde

    And the sheep clap for the son of the man, (Pierre) who sold out Canada to the IMF cabal of central banks. ZIONIST owned and set up to destroy the financial system so that the New World Order can prevail.

  • Rob VanZyderveld

    These illuminati satanic scum don’t even hide it anymore. The puppet Trudeau blatantly says “you should be angry”. In other words he’s blatantly taunting us and saying “fuck you canada hahaha “. Time to wake up sheep this clown Trudeau is in bed with satan

  • truthhurtshipsters

    Non whites and other foreigners are brought in by globalist Jews.Than they tell us how we are racist for not allowing our nation to remain pure and conservative as theirs are!
    Whites have no more countries to call their own yet all of these fake refugees still have their racially pure nations.

  • Abbittibbi


    Awesome for you to have the courage of confronting that liar for us all. Thanks as well to PFT for reporting this event.

    Canada is a private for profit corporation, registered at the S.E.C and headquarter(the supposed ambassy of Canada there) in Washington, with CEO being Julie Payette.

    Trudeau’s father has failed on Constitutionnal homecoming, puppet of a planned coup d’etat by the fascist quebec bar association, and with this FORMER province of Quebec now being out of the country, by not signing it, disbanded officially the Constitutional Monarchy of Canada. None of the MP coming out from the sovereign(and illegal) state of quebec is legal in Ottawa, the Parliment is unconstutionnally formed TODAY(and it’s been like that since 1968), is ACTING as government.

    It’s still a lie.

    Canada DOES NOT EXIST as per fundamental Constitution. Trudeau has NO RIGHT to speak on Canadian’s behalf what so ever, parliement has uncrowned the Queen, article 2, law of Parliment, 1985. NOTHING they do is legal, legitimate or constitutionnal, NOTHING, since 1968 at the very least. And now, the new fake supreme justice at the supreme court of Canada(which is illegal as well) is the son of the Wagner(both member of the quebec bar criminal gang) that was ministry of justice in quebec, allowing this to happen.

    This Trudeau is as the previous one, a quebec bar association puppet, privately named, owned, controled, and illegal.


    …everything great about Canada, was stolen by their little fascists criminal gang.

    This poor clown is not the lawful PM, his gang(private liberal party) NOT BEING THE LEGAL government of The People, they are liars, there is nothing more to expect from them.

    This lady is more legitimate representative of me, one the People of Canada, than any fakely elected MP for the last 40 years, that at any (fake and fascist)government level.

  • J P

    The lesson from this is to only ask one question and make it the question that you think is the one most likely to put the person you’re talking to on the spot.

  • 1videofiend

    “Dylan McLenon” : Government/CSIS operative! Hey, nice to see you Dylan!
    Feel free to say “Hi” to all the good Canadians assembled! 😉
    Everyone, check out “Dylan’s Channel”…notice anything interesting?

  • Kevin Giesbrecht

    fuckin eh girl, say it loud say it proud!!!!!! He’s proud of paying jihadi terrorists because he himself is a muslim. He loves living off taxpayer funds and loves giving taxpayer funds to those that do not contribute to the nation other than giving us a lesson why not to help others.

  • Jacqueline Robitaille

    In the words of, the walking dead character Nighan, you got some beautiful size lady nuts! You go girl, you’re my new role model! It made me really how there were so many people brewing you like they need to open up their eyeballs and see what’s not going on right in front of their face where the Schiphol that are going to keep Rado an office I need to wake up before it’s too late!

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