Could Canadians See A “Sin Tax” On Meat In The Future?

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the ridiculous proposal recently featured on state-run CBC News regarding a “sin tax” on meat products.
According to a British lobby group, it would be “beneficial” to the environment and health for government to impose a tax on meat products. This group doesn’t seem to see the irony in mankind’s most notable killer and polluter stealing people’s money in order to stop them from being unhealthy and save the environment at the same time.
The idea is to tax meat the way many countries tax tobacco, sugar and carbon, all terrible money grabs to begin with.
It has been beamed into our brains that we must not take care of ourselves and instead depend on the goverment to take care of us for us.
Major corporations benefit from such taxes and regulations as they are further monopolized by the state, driving small business competitors out of the market. The big corporations can afford to deal with the taxes on their products a few layoffs later. Small businesses cannot compete however. This is an attack on those in poverty and within the middle class. This drives up the price of already terrible foods like McDonalds and Burger King. As if the carbon tax wasn’t enough to drive up prices everywhere due to exporting and importing.
It’s sad to know people actually support such a ridiculous idea.
Interesting that the claim is that the government wishes to enforce rules to make people healthier all the while promoting the notion of depopulation. How’s that for irony?
The arrogance of people thinking that others should eat healthier so therefor they should be extorted is another lesson in freedom. Do not bow down to the state. Do not bow down to the theft we call “taxation.” Do not allow a collective mob rule every single part of your life.
The unhealthy meats that would be taxed are full of pharmaceuticals from pharmaceutical companies that the government monopolizes in the first place.

How about allowing free market demand to take over, bringing in true small business competition and innovation, bringing in more production therefor more jobs with higher wages to take care of these problems without government even entering the picture? Without government standing in the way of competition and propping up massive corporations? Individual demand will ensure the best products win. High quality. Lower price. That which is more environmentally friendly as that is the tide the market is following. How many times do we have to go over this? I thought the left didn’t like major corporate monopolies. I suppose it depends. As long as the limosine liberals have their parents’ money to live off of, they don’t mind extorting everyone else who has a different opinion than them.

Demand of your dollar, not enforced coercion of the state. Make that your motto.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Нед Ялко

    Instead of taxing meat, governments should cut all the subsidies they are giving to the criminal meat&dairy industry…

  • 10papermaker

    The govt is trying to blame diabetes, etc, on meat so we don’t think it’s all the vaccines and processed food. They are full of crap! !

  • Micheal Williamson

    when the biggest taxes is on Tobacco in the United States of America billions and billions of dollars stolen from Everyday People because they don’t like you to smoke January 9th 2018 Central California United States of America Willy

  • Pamela Rice

    Take away subsidies to meat. Then, search Dr. Joel Fuhrman to get the dirt on meat. Let’s go at this the right way.

  • Pamela Rice

    Josh. If you had a bad experience with vegetarianism, please search YouTube for Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He’ll get you right with meat-free. Evolve to the vegan in you.

  • CanadaDig

    Every item on earth dead or alive is made of Carbon. Co2 is carbon dioxide that we breathe out. Carbon monoxide is poisoning but the dumbed down public doesn’t know the carbon tax is against them, keep taking the vaccines and drinking fluoride and enjoy your debt slavery.

  • Judy Jetson

    forget taxing it, make it illegal. I hope there are vegans talking about veganism at Anarchapulco again and I hope you attend. It’s time to evolve for health, the planet and the animals. Those who really care about the state of things will go vegan. Get on the right side of history now. It’s happening.

  • Gadsden Viper

    The meat Nazi’s are out in force, by the way animals are not logical or ethical, look at how they treat each other.

  • D3aD M1c3 V3n0m


  • Laura M

    So eventually the taxes go to the corporations that the banks own, so it is an extortion altogether, killing the common people. Besides taxes , these corporations kill the people with the GMOs and other hormones in the beef. So it’s all about controlling and reducing the population, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

  • Laura M

    I lived in Canada, and not so much organic food, not too much organic products on Save on foods at least not in Alberta.

  • legal canada

    LOL blaming meat for rising rates of cancer? maybe the preservatives steroids and GMOs in the meat… people have been eating meat for millenia before cancer existed.

  • kpop

    holy shit, this page is shill central, now all the commenters pushing the UN/NWO agenda using nothing but logical fallacies to support their ridicules premise that meat is bad for humans and that eating meat isn’t natural and that a human has no right to kill an animal for food.  nice crowd you attract you pos shill clown.

  • Eagle Vision

    This is the satanic government for you. I heard that this was coming 15 years ago. Eating meat is good for you, not a sin. The biggest sin we should stop is allowing Cultural Marxists to control us. Eating meat is satisfying, nutritious and meat eaters are more able to defend themselves which is what they really want to stop..

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